Cookie Out Error and/or Cookie is knocked of the platform (Eddie)

Cookie Out Error and/or Cookie is knocked off the platform (Eddie).

The cookie sensor is expecting something to be on the platform/tongue starting at the back.  If it doesn't find anything it doesn't print and you receive the cookie out error and it may knock the cookie off the platform.  This can happen if you are printing very small or very thin items.  Instead, put the cookie on the back of the cookie platform/tongue. If you are using a coaster use a thicker silicone coaster that is taller than .08".  Typical cardboard coasters are .07" so sometimes they work and sometimes they don't.  You can also stack two cardboard coasters if that is all you have available. 

1. Place the Cookie on the back of the platform.


2. Use a thicker silicone coaster or the Primera Macaron adapters.

The cardboard coaster on the right is too thin for the sensor to detect it. It must be at least .08" tall. 

Cookie or Coaster must cover the area in green. It must be .08" - 1.0" tall for less than 1.5" diameter objects
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