What Custom Trays does Primera recommend for Eddie Edible Ink Printer?

What Custom Trays does Primera recommend for Eddie Edible Ink Printer?

Custom trays can be a great way to expand the capabilities of your Eddie.  Most of the amazing cookies you see printed on our Eddie Facebook group use some kind of custom Tray.  There are many ways to use these trays.  Refer to the manufacturer's instructions for complete instructions and tutorials.  We have created this simple tutorial for the Manual Mode Trays listed below. 

Manual Mode Trays
  1. Milton Tray - The original 3D printable custom tray. 
  2. Brown Box Cookie Cutters - Jiggy System Start Up Kit - Washable, reusable whiteboard surface (Make sure to add the base Plate and the reusable paper plate)
  3. Sprinkle Tray - Magnetic attachment (You can purchase bundles for assembly line printing)
  4. DTM Manual Tray (Part 053259DTM-M0001 is the basic tray) - Clear Acrylic Tray system with many options. (Use PayPal to ship to the USA.)
  5. Royal Transfer Tray by MLSCbySofia - video
Carousel Compatible Custom Trays
  1. Sassy Tray - Compatible with the Carousel
  2. DTM Carousel Trays  - Various acrylic trays compatible with the carousel - DTM Store Link
  3. Marshmallow Jiggy Baskets - Carousel-compatible baskets for printing large Marshmallows
  4. Silicone Coasters - These will work for any smaller cookie that would normally be too small for the carousel tray.  They are food safe, washable, and just sticky enough to keep your cookie in place on the platform.

Sassy Tray

DTM Carousel Trays


Milton Tray

DTM Manual Mode Tray

DTM Tray Variations

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