How do I use the Sassy Tray with my Eddie Edible Ink Printer?

How do I use the Sassy Tray with my Eddie Edible Ink Printer?

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How to Use:
  1. Please refer to the official instructions provided by The Sassy Tray.  To receive instructions, contact Sassy Tray at 
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Are your Prints out of alignment or off-center?

Before trying the items in this article, make sure to follow these tips:

Make sure you adjust the printer feed and reverse speed to 20, as described in the instructions.  Go to Printer Settings - Advanced Settings.

You must use the included waffle liner, rubber bands, or silicone tongue cover on the tongue to minimize movement of the tray on the tongue.  You may purchase the silicone tongue cover to provide an excellent tacky surface for the tray to sit on as the tongue moves during printing. 

Adjust Tray Rotation.  It is extremely important to center the tongue between the carousel slots for Sassy tray to work properly.  Follow these instructions:  Go to Print Hub - Printer Settings - Advanced.  Or on Mac (v1.9 or later) - Config Utility - Third Tab - Advanced.   Find Tray Rotation  (54 counts per degree).  Move the value positive to move the carousel platter to the left.  Move the value negative to go right.

In this example, we moved positively by a value of 50 to center the tongue.  

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