How to print cookies of any shape perfectly centered the first time using a custom tray. (Eddie)

How to print cookies of any shape perfectly centered the first time using a custom tray. (Eddie)

Eddie has built-in automatic centering.  But that works best when using the Carousel.  If you are printing one cookie at a time in manual printing mode, centering is most reliable when you do not use the automatic centering sensor.  Here is what you need to get started.

Purchase a Custom Tray:
    1. Milton Tray - The original 3D printable custom tray.
    2. Brown Bag Tray - Washable reusable white board surface (Make sure to add the base Plate and the reusable paper plate)
    3. Sprinkle Tray - Magnetic attachment (You can purchase bundles for assembly line printing)
    4. DTM Manual Tray (Part 053259DTM-M0001 is the basic tray) - Clear Acrylic Tray system with many options
The tutorial below uses the Milton Tray.

  1. Update to the latest firmware (1.43 or higher).
  2. Find a piece of paper, cardboard, or label that you can attach securely to the top of the tray.
  3. Set to Manual Mode. Disconnect the carousel cable from the back of the printer.  Set aside the Carousel and the carousel base.  Startup the printer with the carousel base cable disconnected from the back.  Also, make sure the Custom Tray is NOT installed when you start up the printer.
  4. Uncheck Cookie Centering Scan.
  5. Check Scan large print area for multiple objects.
  6. Set Feed and Reverse Speed to 20 to minimize cookie movement.
PC Settings:

Mac Settings:


1.  Attach the paper to the tray.  

2.  Create your template/image/page size to match the size of your cookie.  A BarTender Tutorial can be found on page 50 (4A) of the manual.  A Swift Publisher (Mac) Tutorial can be found on page 67 (5A) of the manualTip! Always set your Margins to zero.  Your page and template size should be the same size as your cookie (or slightly larger if you want to over bleed for complete coverage). 

3.  Print the design.  It will print to a set location on your tray.

4.  Place your cookie centered directly on top of the image you just printed.  You can add some reference marks to all sides to make it easier to place the next cookie.  Pro Tip! You can also print a black guiding box around your cookie design.  Just make sure to remove it from your BarTender, Swift Publisher design before printing your actual cookies. 

5.  With the cookie in place, print again.

6.  Adjust your cookie placement and reference lines as necessary.  No need to adjust horizontal or vertical offsets or adjust the image in your software program.  Just move the cookie!  If the next cookie is slightly larger, you will see that it covers the reference lines and can adjust accordingly.

Note:  This will work for ANY size or shape cookie that falls within the printer specifications.

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