The Top of Cookie Lift Offset setting explained (Eddie).

The Top of Cookie Lift Offset setting explained (Eddie).

The primary purpose of the Top of Cookie Lift Offset is to make your images crisper. It is not necessarily used to prevent your print head from hitting the cookie. Dirt, debris, or ink overspray may be on your encoder strip, cookie sensor, or both. There is a knowledgebase article for each of these instances.
  1. Cookie Knocked off the Platform
  2. Clean the Encoder Strip
  3. Clean the Cookie Sensor
You should pretty much always print with your top of cookie lift offset set to "0" unless your prints are not as crisp as they should be.  This is the optimal point that balance image crispness with the chance of the print head hitting the print object.  At zero your images should be as crisp as it can be.  Increasing the value will not increase clarity. 

Finally, ensure that no trays, coasters, cardboard, or anything else -- is on Eddie's tongue when turning on the power. Eddie needs to know where the top of the tongue is when initializing. Otherwise, the printer misreads the top position of the tongue (too high), and a cookie slam may occur.

If you still experience issues, please contact support for additional troubleshooting or to set up service for your printer. 

To access the Top of Cookie Lift Offset, go to Print Hub - Printer Settings - Advanced or (Mac) Eddie Config Utility - Alignment Tab (third tab) - Advanced Button. 

Increase the value to move the print head closer to the print item (It increases the height of the platform/tongue, which brings the cooking closer to the print head. The print head does not move). Decrease the value to lower the cookie and move the printhead away from the object. As you move the printhead away from the print item, the sharpness of the print decreases. The image will become sharper as you move the printhead closer to the object. Each increment moves the tongue up or down 1/640th of an inch (0.03 mm) closer or further away from the print head nozzles. Very small increments!

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