Eddie stops in the middle of printing the cookie.

Eddie stops, pauses or resets in the middle of printing the cookie causing it to smash cookies taller than 0.625" into the top wall of the printer during the start-up routine. (Eddie)

Sometimes Eddie will restart if it encounters an error.  It often causes issues if this happens because you have a cookie on the tray. (or Cookie + Custom Tray) So when it starts up, it either displays an error OR it will smash the cookie into the top wall of the printer during the start-up routine.  It can smash the cookie into the top for anything over 5/8”.  Anything less than that gives a Remove Cookie Error.  Also, it can be hard realize that the printer is restarting if you don't see it happen.

First, update to the latest firmware and software.  Newer versions handle this scenario better and prevent error messages and cookie smashing. 

However, the reason for the reset may still remain, so try the following solutions. 

First, Press the Load/Feed Button.  Often this will continue the print right where it left off after a reset/pause.  The reset/pause is caused by one of the items below. 

1. Clean the Encoder Strip.  The encoder strip is a clear plastic strip with small timing marks printed on it, which tell the printer where the print head is located along the horizontal print head path. If it becomes coated with ink, it can interrupt printing activity. It is normal for ink mist overspray to build up here over time. Use this method to safely clean the strip without damaging your printer. Do not scrub the encoder strip or clean it regularly.  Wait for a problem first.  Follow the instructions in this video

2. Try to print a different file or print from a different program. Sometimes a particular design can become corrupted causing it to stop in the middle of printing.  Try printing something else or recreate the file you are using to print.   Finally, you can try to print the same file from a different program. 

3. Reduce your template size (Mac).  Very large templates over 4.25" can sometimes cause printing stalls, especially on a Mac.  Reduce your template/page size to 4.25" or less.  On a Mac you may need to create a custom size template instead of using the built-in sizes. 


4. Press the Pause button on the Eddie to resume printing.  On a Mac especially, the OS will pause the print if it detects a connection issue.  The print job may also be paused in the print queue on the Mac. Resume the job in the print queue.   If the issue continues, try the solutions below.

5. Try a new USB cable/port. If you don't have another cable, you can borrow one from another printer to see if it helps.  Try changing the port connection on the computer. Often computers will have ports on the front or back of the computer that may have different properties.  Or one port may be damaged, or a connection may be corroded. 

6. Adapter. (Mac) Many new Macs laptops only have USB C connectors, so you need an adapter to connect to Eddie.  Sometimes the adapter is the problem.  We recommend a simple 1 to 1 adapter that converts USB C to USB A receptacle. Avoid using a USB Hub with multiple ports.  Recommended Example.

USB C to USB A receptacle adapter

7. Try connecting to a new/different computer. Ensure the PC specs meet or exceed the following specifications.
  1. Windows 7,8 or 10 
  2. For PC Pentium Dual Core processor or later.  (Typically a PC from 2007 or later)
  3. Mac OS 10.11 or higher. (OS locks out older processors that would not be compatible)
  4. 8 GB of RAM
  5. 10 GB of free space

9. Try a new ink Cartridge or Clean the Cartridge connection.  First, try cleaning the copper contacts.  A communication issue between the cartridge and the carrier could cause this issue.  Second, try a new cartridge.

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