Carrier Stall Error (Eddie)

Carrier Stall Error (Eddie)

This error indicates the printer has trouble moving the cartridge carrier from side to side. Check the following:

1. Check for obstructions in the path of the cartridge carrier.  Most often, this will be caused by a cookie blocking the path of the print head.  The cookie sensor detects the cookie height before printing, but there are cases where this could be inaccurate, which could cause the print head height to be set too low (platform height is too high).  If the print head is hitting the cookie, follow the steps in this article to fix it.  

2. Check the Maintenance cap on the far right side for proper operation.  It could be blocking the cartridge path.  Watch this video:

3. Check for a broken or missing encoder strip.  The encoder strip is a semi-clear plastic strip that spans the printer's interior width.  The carrier reads the tiny printed lines on this strip to determine its position.  If the carrier cannot read this strip because it is missing or out of place, it will cause this error.  If the strip or hooks on either side are broken, you may need to send the printer in for repair.  However, it is also possible that the strip was knocked loose by a cookie jam or even an operator's hand during a cartridge change.  In this case, you can reconnect it to either side, and the printer will function again. When you install the encoder strip, make sure it is not twisted.  Also, make sure it is running flat behind the carrier in the proper reading slot position. 

4. Make sure the printer rests on a stable surface that is not easily moved by the printer's printing motion.  Excess table/bench/desk movement or wobble can cause carrier stalls. 

5. Reduce the template/page size.  If the stall occurs during the printing process, it could be having trouble reading a specific spot on the encoder on the edge of the template.  Often reducing the template size can solve this issue temporarily.

6. Update Firmware. Often these problems can be resolved by updating firmware.

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