What size cookies can I print to with my Eddie?

What size cookies can I print to with my Eddie?

The cookie size and shape you can print depends on whether or not you are using the carousel and other settings. You have more flexibility in Manual Mode/Single Cookie mode.  There are several modes available.  See the specifications for each below.

1. Carousel Attached Multiple Cookie Mode 

Note:  Eddie will perform best in carousel mode with the outer triangle spacers installed. If your cookie hits the printer when the tray is rotated, remove the outer triangle spacers and reposition your cookies.

  1. Width: 2.5” – 3.85” (Outer Triangle Spacer Installed)
  2. Shapes: Works with round, square, or other uniform shapes such as triangles, hexagons or octagons work best in this mode.

  1. Width: 3.5” – 4.375” ** (Outer Triangle Spacer Removed)
  2. Shape: Round, square or other uniform shapes such as triangles, hexagons, or octagons work best in this mode.

**Note: Outer Triangle Spacer Removed requires placing print items every other space for items larger than 3.42” (98mm). Otherwise, the items will touch one another, and you will not be able to place them so they are touching the fixed spacers.

  1. Width 1” – 2.5” (Outer Triangle Spacer Installed)
  2. Requires 3.5” Macaron Adapters or similar silicone coaster (min .08” high). Place the coaster/adapter on the carousel plater and center the cookie on the coaster/adapter.

2. Manual Mode with cookie Centering Scan enabled. = Any shape that does not exceed 4.5" x 4.5" x 1"

3. Manual Mode with cookie Centering Scan disabled. = 4.5" wide x 1" thick x up to 8" inches long.  Any shape or size that doesn't fall off the tray will work.  The centering scan has a 4.5" max scan area.  When Cookie Centering Scan is disabled, you can use horizontal and vertical offsets to move the image.

Note 1: Minimum print height for any size or shape cookie is .08" (Just a bit larger than 1/16")  Most cardboard coasters are too short to print by themselves.

Note 2: Why are the max print size and max cookie size different?  Max Print size is 4.72” x 4.72”.  4.5” x 4.5" is the maximum cookie size in manual mode with centering scan enabled. There is only enough space to retract a 4.5” width cookie into the printer but the printer driver will allow you to print 4.72” wide so you can overprint/overbleed the edges.   With centering scan disabled you could fit a 4.5" wide x 8” long cookie.  You could print a 4.72" x 4.72 image size to this cookie.  It would overprint width on either side and print a 4.72” length on the front half of that 8” cookie.

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