Skin tones are printing Red/Orange (Eddie).

Skin tones are printing Red/Orange (Eddie).

Photographs of people will never look as good or vibrant as they would when printed on professional photo paper. There are some things you can do to improve it. If you are printing pictures of people, don't print the background. Crop out the person or people in the photo so there is a white background behind them. This can be done using many programs, including Paint 3D. The process is described in the manual, section 4C.  

Follow these additional tips:

1. Adjusting Color Matching in the Printing Preferences to Vivid Photos.
2. Adjust Ink Saturation to 65. 

3. Adjust the Saturation (this is different than the driver setting) of the file you are printing in a photo editing software.  Any editing software such as Photoshop or Canva will have this basic adjustment. Typically, decreasing saturation by -25% will remove any red from skin tones.  You could also adjust Brightness, Contrast, or Hue.  If you are using BarTender, right-click on the imported picture and choose Properties.  Choose Picture Adjustments.  Decrease Saturation using the slider bar.

4. The print surface (icing) can also have a large effect on the colors that are printed.  Please take a look at the additional articles below. 

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