Black is fading/changing to green, blue or other colors after printing. (Eddie)

Black is fading/changing to green, blue or other colors after printing. (Eddie)

When color changes on the cookie/print surface, it means something in the icing/frosting is reacting with the ink. Note: Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow are used to create black. 
Tip! Try to print your design on Cardboard or paper.  If it looks good and doesn't change or fade over time, it means the problem is related to the frosting.  

1. Lemon Juice
will affect the pH of the water-based inks, which shows up as a less-black result. We usually suggest leaving lemon juice out on cookies that will be printed.  The recommended Royal Icing recipe can be found at the end of this article:

2. Dipped Cookies vs Piped Cookies. The black area on your cookie uses all three colors to produce the black. The mixing has to occur on the cookie. If the surface is more porous, some colors will sink lower, causing a green or magenta hue, especially around the edges. When they do mix properly, the black will look more like a dark gray. If too much ink is used, it will not dry evenly and look splotchy. 
To fix this issue, try dipping your cookies instead of piping.  This will often create a smoother surface that keeps all colors on the same level and produces a better black.  

3. Dry time.  Experiment with the drying time.  Usually, a longer dry time is better.  However, for this issue, try printing just after the icing has crusted over. (less dry time)

4 Magenta Plus. A new cartridge with new magenta that prints a better red is now available.  SKU 053507.  To order, select New Magenta from the menu on this page.  This may also affect printing black.  In some cases, black can be more vibrant using this new cartridge.  

5. Fondant.  Fondant can be a challenge.  If you are using a purchased fondant dry a different brand.  Satin Ice seems to be well recommended by users or any marshmallow based fondant.  Also, we recommend letting the fondant harden and dry for 12-24 hours before printing. 

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