Platform Feed Obstruction Error (Eddie)

Platform Feed Obstruction Error (Eddie)

1. Remove obstructions.  You may encounter this error at printer start-up if there is anything blocking the platform/tongue movement.  Ensure the crumb catcher is installed correctly and not blocking the cookie sensor on the right side or the front-to-back movement of the platform/tongue. The hooks on the back of the crumb catcher should align with the slots on the back of the printer.   You should be able to see the hooks on the back of the printer. 

2. Remove any cookies, trays, adapters, or paper towels attached to the platform.  Nothing should be on the platform when you turn on the printer.  It checks and calibrates the platform during start-up.  You can add these items after the printer has completed its start-up routine and no errors are present.

3. Install the tinted cover.  Make sure you install the tinted cover.  It helps block any excess light from affecting the cookie sensor.

4. Clean the cookie sensor.  Ink overspray mist can build up on this important sensor and cause incorrect errors.

5. Clean the Encoder Strip according to these instructions.   

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