Image Out of Bounds or Print Out of Bounds Error (Eddie)

Image Out of Bounds or Print Out of Bounds Error (Eddie)

This happens when your print image is moved beyond the printable area by adjusting horizontal and vertical offsets.  Try these fixes.

1. Update Software and Firmware.  Follow these instructions to update (Be sure to check the box for BETA updates) The latest firmware fixes a bug that caused this error!

2. Set Horizontal and Vertical Offset back to Zero
.  If you move these values too far one way or the other when using a very large template/page size you may get this error message.  In most cases you are better off moving the cookie to match the location of the print. 

3. Turn OFF Cookie Centering Scan.  Centering Scan Mode changes offsets automatically on a print by print basis.  If you are printing a 4.5" page/template or larger, the auto centering can move the image outside of the printable area and cause this error. 

4. Clean the Encoder Strip.  The encoder strip is a clear plastic strip with small timing marks printed on it, which tell the printer where the print head is located along the horizontal print head path. If it becomes coated with ink, it can interrupt printing activity. It is normal for ink mist overspray to build up here over time. Use this method to safely clean the strip without damaging your printer. Do not scrub the encoder strip or clean it regularly.  Wait for a problem first.  Follow the instructions in this video: How to Clean the Encoder Strip on your Primera Printer - YouTube

5. Clean the Cookie Sensor.  Follow this Article. 

6. Recreate your BarTender Template.   Sometimes a particular design/template can become corrupted causing this error. Go through the New Template creation wizard (File Menu - New) Try to print a different file or print from a different program.

7. Reduce your template size.  Very large templates over 4.25" can sometimes cause printing stalls, especially on a Mac.  Reduce your template/page size to 4.25" or less.  On a Mac you may need to create a custom size template instead of using the built-in sizes. 


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