Filter Failed message appears in print queue. Printer is not printing. Catalina and Big Sur OS require new drivers (Mac).

Filter Failed message appears in print queue. Eddie or LX Series Printer is not printing. Ventura, Catalina, Big Sur, Monterey and Sonoma require new drivers (Mac).

Try these steps in order.

1. Install the latest version. 
Occasionally, the driver will be corrupted after an OS update. Download the latest version from the products download page.  You can find the latest software for your product at the location noted on the blue sticker attached to your product. 

2. Completely Remove and Reinstall the latest version.   If you have already installed the latest version, you may need to more thoroughly remove the printer driver using the instructions in this article.  

3. Install Rosetta. (Does not apply to Macs with Intel Processor Chip) Rosetta is a mac software that translates Intel processor apps to Mac M1 chip architecture. Follow these detailed instructions to install Rosetta from Terminal.  (1. Search for "Terminal", 2 Run this command: softwareupdate --install-rosetta  3. Agree to the license.  You are done. )

4. Check your cartridge. If you are using the new Catalina/Big Sur/Monterey 2.0 drivers for the Disc Publisher SE-3, 4200 Series or LX500, please make sure you are using the following cartridges: 
  1. 053334 (SE-3 or 4200) OK to USE
  2. 053374 (LX500) OK to USE
You can no longer use the 53332, 53335 or 53376 (LX500) cartridges with the new Catalina Driver.

Try a new cartridge. A defective cartridge can cause this error!

5. Update Driver. You may need to update or reinstall your driver to the latest version if you have recently updated your Mac OS.  This is especially true if you have updated from an OS before OS 10.15 Catalina.  This OS and those after it require new 64-bit drivers. 

The following d
rivers are tested and confirmed compatible with OS 10.15 Catalina, OS 11 Big Sur and OS 12 Monterey:

  1. LX500 2.1 Signed Mac Driver (Works with 53374 cartridges)
  2. LX600 2.0 Signed Mac Driver
  3. LX610 2.0 Signed Mac Driver
  4. LX900 3.0 Mac Driver*
  5. LX910 2.4 Signed Mac Driver
  6. LX2000 Mac software*
  7. Bravo SE v3.0 Signed Mac Driver (Works with 53332 or 53335 cartridge)
  8. Bravo 4200 2.1 Signed Mac Driver (Works with 53334 cartridges)
  9. Bravo SE-3 v2.1 Signed Mac Driver (Works with 53334 cartridges)
  10. PTPublisher 4.2 Signed Mac software
  11. Bravo 4100 2.0 Mac Driver*
  12. IP60 1.2 Mac Driver *
  13. Trio Mac Software 2.0*
*These unsigned drivers can be installed using the instructions in article ID 101819.

6. The listed printers are not compatible with the Mac OS 10.15 Catalina, OS 11 Big Sur, and OS 12 Monterey. Note: Apple discontinued support for 32-bit drivers in Catalina which caused these previously working drivers to stop working.

  1. Bravo Pro/ XI/ XI2
  2. Bravo II
  3. Bravo XR
  4. Bravo XRP
  5. LX 400
  6. LX 810
  7. LX 800
7. The printer utility is open.  If using Bravo Disc Publishers, close the printer utility.  Now cancel and resend your print job.  The printer utility allows you to see ink levels etc.  The printer will not print if this utility is open.  If you are using PTPublisher, the ink levels are displayed through that application instead. (Does not apply to Label Printers)

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