Edge Scan Error (LX610).

Edge Scan Error (LX610).

Before printing, the LX610 scans the edge of the media to determine print start position and media presence. Occasionally, if the paper is curled, it can catch on the wear strip and prevent the media from feeding past that point.  Try the following tips.

1. Cut the media at a slight angle before feeding it.  This allows it to feed past the wear strip more easily.

2. Replace the wear strip.  If the wear strip is damaged or peeling up, it can block the media path and cause this error.  Purchase wear strips here.

3. Press the Feed Button.  After loading the paper, press the feed button several times to feed the paper past the wear strip and the print area.  This will ensure the printer has paper in place to scan the edge. 

4. Relocate the Printer away from direct sunlight.  Place the printer in a location that does not receive direct sunlight.  The extra light can affect the sensors inside the printer even with the tinted cover down.

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