Carrier Stall Error (IP60, LX600, LX610, LX910 or LX3000)

Carrier Stall Error (IP60, LX600, LX610, LX910 or LX3000)

This error indicates that the printer is having trouble moving the cartridge carrier from side to side.  Check the following:

1.  Check for obstructions in the path of the cartridge carrier.  Look for paper/media that has jammed or bubbled up and is blocking the path of the carrier.  If you recently had a paper jam that you thought was clear, make sure you removed all the pieces of paper/media out of the printer. 

2. Cartridge Cap Stuck.  If the cartridge cap is not functioning properly it can cause this error.  Please watch this video to ensure it is functioning properly.

3.  Check the pinch roller position to make sure it is pressed against the grit roller.  You may be able to press this down and snap it back into place.  

4.  Check for a broken or missing encoder strip.  The encoder strip is the semi-clear strip of plastic that spans the width of the printer's interior.  The carrier reads the tiny printed lines on this strip to determine its position.  If the carrier cannot read this strip because it is missing or out of place, it would cause this error.  If the strip is broken or the hooks on either side are broken you may need to send the printer in for repair.  However, it is also possible that the strip was knocked loose by a paper jam or even an operator's hand during a cartridge change.  In this case, it can be reconnected to either side and the printer will function again.  When you install the encoder strip, make sure it is not twisted.  Also, make sure it is running flat behind the carrier in the proper reading slot position. 
  1. How do I clean the encoder strip?
  2. How to fix and encoder strip that is out of place.
5.  Update to the latest firmware.  In some cases, the cross cutter mechanism can slip into the paper path and cause a wave in the media that transmits back to the print area, causing a bubble that the carrier contacts, causing the error.  Go to PrintHub - Settings - Automatic Updates.  The latest firmware will fix this problem.

6.  Make sure the printer is resting on a stable surface that is not easily moved by the printer's printing motion.  Excess table/bench/desk movement or wobble can cause carrier stalls. 

7.  Perforations.  There is a natural weakness between the labels that is more pronounced by circle labels and perforated labels.  This is where it starts to bubble.  Avoid perforated labels if possible.  They should not be necessary when using this printer since it has a cross cutter.  (LX600/LX610 using die-cut labels only)

8.  Any obstruction in the paper path can transmit a bubble back to the print area and cause a carrier stall error.  First, check the star wheel plate.  Remove two T10 torx screws holding it in place. Check the star wheels underneath to make sure they are seated properly and have some give when you push them.  Also, check for burrs on the plastic piece.   When reinstalling, make sure the plastic tabs fit into the slots on the platten.  Second, check the cross cutter area for obstruction.  Specifically check the orange clamp pad.  This is visible if you are eye level with the media output area at the front of the printer.  Make sure it is level all the way across and not higher in one particular area.  If it is higher the adhesive may have failed which causes the pad to lift up and obstruct the print path.

LX600/LX610 Interior

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