XY Cutter Stall Error (LX610)

XY Cutter Stall Error (LX610)

If this is an intermittent error that appears occasionally, try the following solutions.

1. Knife Pressure is too high.  If your knife pressure is too high, you may be cutting through the label stock liner and contacting the wear strip.  This can cause XY cutter stall.  Reduce knife pressure. 

2. Replace the Wear Strip.  If the wear strip has been cutting into multiple times, it may cause cut through and XY cutter stall.  The knife needs a smooth, hard surface underneath—Purchase Wear Strips on the Primera store. 

3. Replace the knife.  If the knife is dull or broken, cuts will be rougher, and liner cut-through is more likely.  XY cutter stall errors will also be more likely. Purchase knives on the Primera Store.

4. Small shapes. Very small shaps less than .5" may cause this error.  

5. Complex cuts or cut with unnecessary nodes.  Cuts should be as smooth and simple as possible.  Be aware that using the contour cut feature in PTCreate can sometimes create cutlines that are unnecessarily complicated.  Instead, try to use one of the built-in shape (square, rectangle, circle) or remove/edit nodes using the shape tool.  You can also offset the cut line which will usually smooth out any jagged cuts.  Finally, you can create cuts using a design program such as Adobe Illustrator and import them into PTCreate.

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