What regular maintenance is required for my LX610?

What regular maintenance is required for my LX610?

Wiper Maintenance. 

If ink builds up on the nozzle wiper, it may need to be cleaned or replaced to fix print quality issues.  Please see item 3 in this article for instructions. 

Main Ink Chute Maintenance.

Ink is regularly deposited in the ink pads under the cartridge cap and wiper via a chute just to the left of the cap and wiper.  With the LX610 this ink can mix with the cut dust and form a thick sludge that does not soak into the ink saturation pads underneath.  This is especially likely with pigment ink, which has a higher viscosity.  If the chute is clogged, an ink haze can start to build on the surfaces inside the printer and eventually cause various problems.  To prevent this, regularly clean the chutes using a cotton swab and dipped in rubbing alcohol.   Power off the printer and manually move the cutter carrier to the left to access this area.  Move it back before powering the printer back up.

Cartridge Cap

Inspect the cartridge cap every time you change the cartridge to ensure there is no ink pooled inside.  Pooled ink in this cap can wick its way up into a cartridge and contaminate one or more of the colors causing incorrect colors to print.  Clean any ink you find here using a cotton swab and dipped in rubbing alcohol.

More Maintenance items can be found in section 7C, 7D and 7E of the user's manual

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