What is Continuous Media? What is Continuous Sensor Mode (LX Label Printers)

What is Continuous Media? What is Continuous Sensor Mode (LX Label Printers)

Continuous Media is label stock that has no black mark, die-cut, or through-hole. When ordering custom label stock, you may select the continuous check box.  However, this is not a typical option to select. Only the width applies to continuous media.  The height is determined by the height selected in the label setup before printing. You may then cut the height by enabling the cutter and setting it to cut every label in Primera PrintHub or the Printer Config Utility on Mac.

Instructions for PC (Print Hub).

1. You must use the Continuous Media Sensor Mode to print on Continuous Media. The label sensor will be turned off, and the LX will start printing at whatever point is nearest. Use this setting only for stock that will be cut after printing. It is not possible to use this setting for die-cut labels since it is impossible to reliably predict the starting point of the print and impossible to adjust the spacing gap between prints.

2. Adjust Cut Position to approximately -3.0mm to achieve top edge to bottom edge printing with no unprinted gap.  Continue decreasing the value (more negative) to remove any remaining white space.

3. Set Label Feed to Cut after label count (1 Label). This will ensure that every label is cut to the correct height. 

Continuous Media considerations. Since the printer's output cutter cuts the height, you should consider the output cutter's limitations before using continuous media. Remember, the output cutter was designed to cut the liner only between the 1/8" gap between labels. 
  1. Cut Accuracy/Image Design.  Full bleed images are not generally recommended for continuous media.  Accurate output cross-cutting is not always assured. Cutting on the line between one label and another is difficult for the printer to accomplish.  Adjustment is possible but not always successful.  If your image has a solid background that is the same on the top and bottom or has a white background, cut accuracy between labels will not be an issue because small variations in cut position will not be noticeable. 
  2. Adhesive build-up.  Cutting through adhesive will cause adhesive buildup on the cutter blade and will affect cutter performance after approximately 1000 -2000 labels.  Perioding cleaning will be necessary.  This is easy on some printers, such as the LX2000 and LX910.  It is not so easy on other printers such as the LX500 or LX600. 
  3. Straight Cutting. Depending on the cutter design and the labels' feed accuracy, the cut may not be straight.  The LX500 has a guillotine cutter which is not as straight as the pizza wheel cutter on the other LX printer models. 
  4. Easy label peel off / removal. It can be difficult to remove the label from the liner on continuous media cut labels. It is also more likely for these labels to curl in storage, adding to difficulty handling and applying these labels. 
  5. Tag Stock.  Tag stock is ideal for continuous media since there is no adhesive present.  This media is typically used for ID badges.

LX610 and Digital Die Cutting.  While the LX610 does use continuous media, it is a special type with a thicker backing paper.  Digital Die-Cutting media has a chip to track the length.  This media chip must be present to use digital die-cutting mode.  You can not use custom-ordered continuous media in the LX610.  Please read this article for more information.  

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