What type of labels / media can I use in my LX610 to cut my own shapes?

What type of labels / media can I use in my LX610 to cut my own shapes?

Two types of media can be used. 

1. Digital Die-Cut Labels. If you are using the printer to digitally die-cut your own shapes and sizes only Primera label stock can be used. This media comes from Primera with a smart chip that identifies the media, tracks the percentage remaining, and automatically sets the sensor type to continuous. You will know it is installed when you see the Digital Die-cut Media percentage in the upper right corner of PrintHub. If you do not see this indication, the digital die cutter will not be enabled and you will not be able to cut shapes. The following media types are currently available from Primera. We will be adding more as additional types are discovered, tested, and validated. 





Gloss BOPP

Durable Synthetic Polypropylene Media, 150 ft


Premium Gloss Paper

Premium Paper Media, 150 ft


Magnetic Material

White Gloss Magnetic Media, 100 ft

White Matte BOPP
Durable White Matte Polypropylene Media 150 ft


Other media cannot be used even if you take the chip from new/old Primera media for the following reasons:
  1. Old chips cannot be reused once they reach 0% remaining.
  2. Other media has liner that may be too thin. The liner on Primera media is specially created for our printer to prevent cut through to the wear strip which can damage the wear strip or break the knife.
  3. The dust created from cutting through the inkjet printable topcoat can be excessive on some media. This can cause frequent print cartridge clogging and other problems.
  4. Continous media from Primera or other label providers should not be used even if you take a chip from a new Primera roll.  This media has not been tested or qualified.  The liner on our standard label stock is too thin for cutting applications and it has not been tested for cut dust, cut quality or blade wear.  

2. Pre Die-Cut Labels. A wide variety of pre-die-cut label stock can be used in the printer.  This media has the shape already cut on the roll before you load it into the printer. The digital die cutter cannot be used for this label stock.  You must use the green hub with the blank chip holder for this media.  

Refer to the specifications and settings in the following sections before ordering custom stock from Primera or any stock from another company.  

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