The AP-Code Date Coder is not printing. Status is Ready, the container moves, the label is applied but nothing is printed.

The AP-Code Date Coder is not printing. Status is Ready, the container moves, the label is applied but nothing is printed.

1. Ensure the Roller Track Wheel is installed properly so that it touches the liner drive roller. Watch the Printer Status screen.  When you press the foot switch, the Printer State should change to "Printing".   If the status remains on Ready, it means the AP-Code is not detecting liner drive roller movement.  

2. Clean the Cartridge according to this article.  If the Printer Status on the touch screen says "Printing" but no ink is coming out, this indicates a clogged cartridge.  Between uses the cartridge should be stored in a sealed metalized bag to prevent solvent evaporation - Please follow the storage procedures in this article

3. Make sure "Run After Apply" mode is enabled on the applicator.  This mode, causes the container rollers continue to spin after every application allowing the print complete successfully especially if you have setup and text offset/time delay on your AP-Code. This is the default mode of the AP360/362 applicator and should automatically be enabled if you just purchased the applicator.  

  1. Turn off the applicator.
  2. Press and hold the Recall button with the ‘+’ key and turn on the applicator.
Note: If necessary, the applicator can be in stop after apply mode if the text offset is set to zero and the label length is longer than the width of the code printed. Since the container will continue to spin while the label is being applied, a label longer than the printed code will ensure the code printing is not interrupted. 

4. Check Under the Label.  For full circumference label applications on standard 12 oz or 16 oz beverage containers it is possible for the print to be covered by the label on the default offset setting of 0.00".  Peel up the label to see if it printed on the container and applied the label over the top.  To fix, set the offset to 5.00" to start with and make adjustments from there.

5. Slow Down your Application process to greater than 1 label every 4 seconds.  There is a print lockout that prevents printing 4 seconds from the last foot switch press.  This was to prevent double printing on the same container and other processing issues.  Increase the time between applications to ensure every container is printed.   Also, avoid pressing the foot switch immediately after the liner drive roller stops. 

6. Make sure the print head is positioned where you will see the printed information.  If it prints in a dark area of your label, it may not be visible. Also, make sure the print head is approximately 1/8" above the container.  If the print head is too high, the ink may aerosolize before it reaches the container.   Move the print head position and change your print offset so it prints on a different section of the container.  

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