LX3000 - Empty Ink Error but Ink is not Empty. PrintHub Software or Mac Config Utility says my ink tanks are empty but I can see there is still ink left.

LX3000 - Empty Ink Error but Ink is not Empty. PrintHub Software or Mac Config Utility says my ink tanks are empty but I can see there is still ink left.

Error explanation: Ink usage is calculated by the software, not a physical sensor(gas gauge). Between printer uses, some ink bleeds out of the ink lines and back into the tank.  When you start printing again, it takes some time for the ink to make its way back to the print head to refill it.  During the time the ink refills the line, ink is actually coming from the print head but the software thinks it is pulling ink from the tanks.  The print head has 12.5 ml of ink to account for this situation, but still, the software is unable to determine where the ink is coming from and doesn't distinguish between the print head and the ink tanks.  The longer the interval between printer usage the more likely this situation will occur.

Follow the solution below to allow the ink tanks to be used beyond the point that they are reported empty.

See this article for additional illustrations and explanations.

1. Update Firmware.  Follow these Instructions to update firmware to STM32 FW 01.12  (01/20/2023) or higher. 

2. Low ink warning. Print until you receive the low tank error in software and the pause light starts to flash. 

3. Press Load/Feed to continue Printing. Instead of removing the tank press the Load/Feed button to continue.

4.  Press it again.  The printer will allow you to print for another 10% before the error appears again.  Once the error appears again, check your physical tank level.  If it is empty, remove the tank.  If it still has ink remaining, you can press Load/Feed again so you can print for another 10%.  You can press Load/Feed a total of 3 times to print 30% past 0%.

5. Watch the physical tank level as you print.  Change the tank as soon as you see it is physically empty no matter what!  This will prevent you from depleting the reservoir. (See this article for details)  The ink reservoir has 10 ml of ink or 16%.  If you keep pressing the Load/Feed button even if the tank is empty it will still allow you to continue printing but you may deplete the backup reservoir.  If this occurs you may introduce and air gap that can damage your print head.

Warnings at Power up. 

  1. The Ink Empty Warning may be given again immediately after power-up.
  2. The Ink Low Warning in the software may also be displayed.
  3. In this instance, press the Load/Feed button twice to dismiss both Ink Empty and Ink Low warnings. 
Existing Tanks with remaining Ink.  Unfortunately these tanks are no longer recoverable.  Contact support and provide a picture of all tanks with remaining ink.  Support will send you replacement tanks to compensate for this ink loss.

Advanced Information.
You can see what Warning Level the printer is on by looking at the first 3 bytes of Filler_3 in PrintHub status dump. (Printer Settings - View Status Dump)  Tank colors added below for emphasis.  In this example, Cyan has just given Ink Empty Warn Level 2:

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