New Premium Gloss label stock vs Old Premium Gloss label stock

New Premium Gloss label stock vs Old Premium Gloss label stock

February 14th, 2024

Notice: Our old manufacturer, Avery, no longer makes the previous high gloss paper label stock, so unfortunately, we were forced to change to a new material.  We tried our best to offer a similar material, but some differences exist.  It is important to note that the new material is not defective or wrong. It is just different.  Please reference the guide below.

New Premium Gloss Label Stock:

  • This material is currently shipping for all custom-label orders.
  • As in-stock sizes are depleted, they will be replaced with this new material.
  • New material will have a new part number following this convention:
    • 0732XX parts will become 0735XX
    • 0733XX parts will become 0736XX
    • 07497X parts will become 07397X
  • Any new part number on the website will reference the old part number and indicate this new part number is a direct replacement.

You may notice some Visual differences in the NEW Premium Gloss Paper stock.

  • The new material is whiter. Side by side, the old stock almost looks gray. (See attached picture)
  • The new material is less glossy. (See attached picture)
  • The new material adhesive is MORE sticky
  • The new material produces colors that are more faithful to the original graphic.
  • Water resistance is the same.
  • The liner is different and slightly more slippery. Overall thickness is slightly thinner by .005” (.5mil) (See Spec Sheets attached Below)
  • Older AP360/62 applicators with worn rollers may have trouble with slipping on this material. Installing new rollers and bearings will solve this. 
  • Older LX Series printers with worn grit rollers may have trouble feeding, causing skipped labels and alignment issues.  An RMA to replace the grit rollers will solve this.
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