How do I print a dark black using CMY color only cartridges? (LX500, LX600, LX610, LX910 or LX3000).

How do I print a dark black using CMY color only cartridges? (LX500, LX600, LX610, LX910 or LX3000).

The LX series printers use Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow ink.  There is no dedicated black.  In order to create black, all three colors must be mixed to create black (process black).  It doesn't look quite the same as true black, but it is not noticeable unless you are trying to match a label printed with a dedicated black cartridge/toner. It is not always possible to achieve a "true" black, especially with gradients and large areas of black.  Small areas of black or black text will look best.   Use the tips below to create the darkest black possible. 

1. Use Dye Ink for LX3000 or the 053013 Ultra Black for LX600, LX610 or LX910.  Using dye ink for LX3000 creates the best black of any of our current CMY printers.  That same ink is now available for LX600, LX610, and LX910.  Search for SKU 053013 
Tip! You can convert a Pigment LX3000 to Dye using this conversion kit:

2. Use Gloss BOPP Label Stock.  The 53013 ink or the LX3000 dye ink combined with the Gloss BOPP produces the best black available on any of our printers.  We have a limited supply of in-stock Gloss BOPP sizes.  Consult this list to find your size.  If you do not find your size, you can order a custom size from our Custom Label Page

Saturation.  Increase saturation as high as possible. The more ink that is used, the darker the black.  However, on some label stock, this can cause bleeding, streaking, and blooming.  It may also negatively affect water resistance.  Experiment to achieve the best balance.

4. ICC Profile. Try all color profiles, but first, use the ICC profile that matches your stock type if possible.

5. Clean Print.
Ensure the print head is clean.  Do a clean print up to 3 times and examine the results to see if any nozzles are missing.

6. Manual Clean.
Manually clean the print head using these video instructions.

7. Align Print.  Align the print head.

For a more comprehensive guide to which ink type to use for your application consult this KB article.

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