Black ink is fading to Brown. (LX900)

Black ink is fading to Brown. (LX900)

The LX900 uses dye based ink that has excellent water resistance but is not as resistant to light (UV).  Over time black dye based ink can fade to brown.  To resolve this issue we have introduced a pigment ink option.  Pigment ink has excellent resistance to UV and prints a richer, darker black.  The following cartridges and print head should be purchased.

  • 053436 Black Pigment
  • 053437 Cyan Pigment
  • 053438 Magenta Pigment
  • 053439 Yellow Pigment
  • 053472 Print head (You will need a new print head to use pigment ink.  This is because we do not want the dye and pigment ink to mix in the print head or on the label.)

All necessary parts are listed on our web store here:

Note on Label Stock Compatibility.

Pigment Ink works with the following label stocks:

  • Extreme White or Clear Poly
  • Extreme Matte BOPP
  • Tuffcoat Plus High Gloss Paper
  • If you are currently using standard Tuffcoat High Gloss paper you should change to one of the above. 


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