What is Kiosk Mode and how do I use it?

What is Kiosk Mode and how do I use it?

What is Kiosk Mode and how do I use it?

Kiosk mode, unique to Bravo, allows you to double the capacity of the unit. Instead of loading just the right bin with up to 25 blank discs for Bravo or 50 blank discs for BravoPro, you can load both left AND right bins with blank discs for a total of 50 (100 for BravoPro). Then, burned and printed discs are dropped out the center of the unit onto the molded plastic delivery chute.

As its name implies, Kiosk Mode is handy for publishing applications where just one disc at a time is burned and printed. If you wish to use Kiosk mode for duplication, where many discs are burned and printed at a time, an optional catch tray is available for US$49.95 which attaches to Bravo and stacks up to 50 discs at a time. (This kit is included free with the BravoPro.)

To enable Kiosk Mode you don't need to buy the catch bin or in most cases install any special software updates. Just follow the instructions below.

For PC using Primo DVD:

Go to the Robotics Menu - Options - Check the Enable Kiosk Mode box.

For PC when Printing Only:

Go to Start - Control Panel - Printer and Faxes - Right Click on the Disc Publisher, Disc Publisher II or Disc Publisher Pro - Choose Printing Preferences - Change the Disc Output Location setting to Kiosk (Front Exit). Now when printing only from any graphics application the Bravo will print in Kiosk Mode.

For Mac:

Enable the check box in the Discribe software or when printing only change the setting in the Disc Publisher II settings (Print only in Kiosk Mode is not available for Bravo).

Note: If the options mentioned above are not available in your software, you may need to upgrade software and/or printer drivers. See the printer drivers page of tech support for upgraded driver versions or contact tech support for free upgrades to Discribe or Primo DVD.

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