What is CD Text? What are ISRC codes?

What is CD Text? What are ISRC codes?

What is CD Text? What are ISRC codes?

A disc containing CD Text will display the names of the track and artist on CD Text enabled devices. Some players are not capable of displaying CD Text.

1. PTPublisher - It is not possible to add CD text to an audio project using PTPubisher.  However, you can copy a disc that already has CD Text.  If the CD Text is on the original, the CD Text will be on the copies.  
2. PTBurn SDK - Click here to add CD Text using  PTBurn SDK.

IMPORTANT - If your goal is to view track information on a PC or Mac in software programs such as Windows Media Player or iTunes, adding CD Text to your audio CD WILL NOT accomplish this. Most of these programs do not display CD Text. These programs display track information by accessing one of a number of international databases via the internet. They assign information to discs and tracks based on their data characteristics or ISRC codes. You must submit information to these databases to get your CD recognized on a PC or MAC. Some databases are free, others are not. If a disc is assigned track titles based on this database, this information is only stored on that computer and not on the disc.

To determine if your copies have CD Text perform the following procedure:

Insert the CD into the publisher drive. Open PrimoDVD. Start any job type. Right click on the publisher drive containing the CD. Choose Disc Explorer and Drive Properties. Click on the CD Text button. CD Text will be displayed for the inserted disc.

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