What brands or types of media does Primera recommend to use with the CX1200?

What brands or types of media does Primera recommend to use with the CX1200?


What brands or types of media does Primera recommend to use with the CX1200?

Primera recommends using Primera brand label stock with the CX1200 available from our sales department or our online store.

-Sales Phone: 1-800-797-2772

The following additional non-Primera brand label stocks are approved for use in the CX1200.  All stock must be converted to 8.5 width roll with 12" outer diameter on a 3" ID core.

- Mactac LAS1812 White Matte Paper Stock (4.0 mil)
- Mactac LAS1812 White High Gloss Paper Stock (4.0 mil)

Other media may also be officially approved in the future.  If you are not using approved media, it should have the following characteristics.

Paper Type

The CX1200 can only print on Laser Printer approved materials.  The label manufacturer's specifications will always say whether material is laser approved.  If it does not say laser approved it probably is not laser approved.  Be sure that the laser approval applies to the face stock material, the adhesive and the liner.  Stocks must be laser approved because the fuser roller contacts the paper at 356 F / 180 C.  At this temperature facestock or liner material could melt or burn.  Non-laser-approved adhesives could lose adhesion.

Do NOT attempt to print onto non laser-approved materials.  Damage to your printer may result which will not be covered under your limited warranty.  POLYPROPYLENE AND SOME OTHER SYNTHETIC MATERIALS WILL MELT.  Do not ever attempt to print onto polypropylene or any other similar low-temp substrates.

Polyester and Paper generally will perform well in the CX1200.

Thickness (Facestock only)

Mil = 2 - 6
Caliper (Inches) = .002 - .006
Millimeters = .0508 - .15
Grams/sq meter = 34 - 116

**Above does not include standard 3 mil liner

Paper stock in the above range will feed through the CX1200 printer without problems.  Depending upon the operating environment, Polyester stocks in this range will also feed through the printer without problems.  However, 2-3 mil Polyester does curl as it exits the printer.  In more humid environments this curling becomes more severe and could cause the paper to jam before it enters the fuser.  Stock thicker than 6 mil will intermittently jam before entering the fuser.  This can be solved by attaching a thinner leader material to the thicker stock. 

When testing other media consider the following additional criteria:

1  Print Quality / Poor Transfer - See Note 1 below.
2. Color Accuracy
3. Solid Color Saturation
4. Label Feed (Requires minimum 100 feet of test paper.)
5. Label Wrap
6. Fuser Heat tolerance - wrinkling, bubbling, burning, breaking, curling.
7. Water Tolerance
8. Scratch Tolerance
9. Cut quality
10. Lamination Quality

Note 1: Test at least 100 feet of continuous material before determining compatibility.  Some Plastic stocks will initially appear to be compatible.  However over time, the material absorbs too much heat so that not enough is left over to fuse the toner to the surface of the material.
Other Warnings.

Do NOT print on die-cut label materials or on web widths of less than 8.5” (215mm).  Labels should always be die-cut as a post process on a separate piece of finishing equipment.  Printing on die-cut materials is dangerous.  Adhesive bleed can easily ruin the Image Transfer Unit (ITU) and fuser.  A label that pre-dispenses inside the unit can cause physical damage to the printer.

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