What are the Label and Roll Specifications for the LX400 and PX450?

What are the Label and Roll Specifications for the LX400 and PX450?


LX400 & PX450 Label Specifications

Test all custom made label stock with the intended printer before ordering large quantities!

Primera’s TuffCoat High Gloss and Semi-Gloss label materials have been specifically designed to be highly absorbent to allow water-based inkjet inks to dry quickly. While providing for immediate smudge-resistance after printing, this characteristic also makes the sheet receptive to certain airborne contaminants and could result in a discoloration of unprinted areas. Proper testing in the final application environment is strongly recommended, especially when used on or near products with aromatic vapors or products containing volatile solvents. As with all pressure sensitive materials, this product should be tested thoroughly under end-use conditions to ensure it meets the requirements of the specific application.

Label Width 4.25" (107.9mm) .75" (19mm)
Media/Liner Width 4.25" (108 mm) 1" (25.4mm)
Label height/length 24" (609.6mm) 0.75" (19mm)
Gap between labels .75" (253mm) 0.10" (2.5mm)
Width of thru-hole opening* 0.5" (12.7mm) 0.375" (9.5mm)
Distance from edge of media to edge of thru-hole 1.90" (48.3mm) 0.20" (5.1mm)
Reflective/Black Mark Width** Equal to distance between labels 0.1" (2.5mm)
Max Outer Diameter (OD) 5.0"(127mm) N/A
Inner Core Diameter (ID) see roll specifications below
Total Stock Thickness (Liner + Label)*** .0075” (7.5 mil) N/A
Distance from edge of media to edge of label Printer driver assumes 2 mm gap. However, this is adjustable via the left margin offset.

*Thru-hole opening should be rectangular with no rounded edges. If absolutely necessary, for some applications the width of the thru-hole can be as small as .25" (6.4mm). 

** The Reflective/Black Mark should be opaque to infrared light. The mark should be between the labels. The end of the mark should correspond with the beginning of the next label.

***There are two factors that determine whether the printer will accept any particular stock thickness.

1. The ability for the printer to pull the paper through the print area.
2. The ability for the sensor to read through the backing if the sensor is set to die cut.

If you are printing in continuous or reflective label sensing mode, number 2 does not apply. The fact that the printer must read through the backing in die-cut mode will limit the thickness much more than the printers ability to pull the paper through the print area. However, if you adjust opacity level of the liner enough to allow the label to be seen by the stock sensor, the thickness will only be limited by the printers ability to pull it through the printer area. For these reasons the weight or thickness of the liner is a variable that can not easily be defined. Primera recommends and uses 40# liner with all label stock. It is important to test all label stock with the intended printer before ordering large quantities!

Roll Specifications


1. Label heights less than or equal to 1.5” requires a 2.00” I.D. x 3.00” O.D. core.
Label heights greater than 1.5” requires a 2.00” I.D. x 2.25” O.D. core.

--Explanation - label heights of 1.5" or less tend to maintain the rounded shape of the core even as they are unwound off the roll.  Because these labels are rounded they can interfere with the printhead. This is solved by increasing the OD of the core to minimize the rounding effect.

2. Turret glue or 1/2”-wide 3M 928 double-sided removable tape must be used to attach stock to core. Removable tape must be positioned across full width of core. The tape must easily detach from roll so that the last label can feed through the printer and trigger the out of stock message.

3. End face of liner must align with end of core on both sides within 0.030”. (Core width should be the same as liner width.)

4. Masking tape or equivalent may be used to secure label stock to outside of roll.

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