Ink to Low to Prime Error - LX2000

Ink to Low to Prime Error - LX2000

This error typically occurs after installing a new printhead.  Printheads come with special Setup ink cartridges that are filled to a specific level to optimize the priming of new print heads.  New printheads need to be primed because they must be shipped completely empty so that ink does not dry out inside the tiny ink nozzles which would cause poor quality printing.  Priming the print head forces ink through these nozzles.  This priming process requires a pressure build-up behind the ink in the cartridge so the tank must be partially empty.  If it is too full or too empty the proper pressure cannot be achieved and specifically if it is too low there will not be enough ink to complete the priming process.   

If you receive this error check the following.

1. Make sure you are using the setup cartridges that came with the print head.  These cartridges have an "S" at the end of the part number. 

2. Make sure the setup cartridges have not been used before for printing or to prime a new printhead.  New print heads always come with a new set of setup cartridges.  After the print head is successfully primed, if there is ink remaining, these cartridges can be used for printing but NOT for priming another printhead.

3. You cannot use regular ink cartridges without the "S" to prime the printhead.

4. If you are using new Setup Cartridges from the box with the new printhead, try a hard reset of the printer.   
  1. Remove the Printhead with Setup Cartridges already installed.
  2. Switch off the printer. Remove USB or Ethernet. 
  3. Wait 1 full minute. 
  4. Turn the printer back on. 
  5. Wait for it to complete the initialization process.
  6. Install the Printhead with Setup Cartridges already installed.  Close the cover.
  7. The printer will automatically detect a new printhead and begin the priming process.
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