The Printer portion of the Bravo, Bravo II, BravoPro or Signature/Composer combination is not printing. It burns the disc and then stops when the disc is placed in the printer tray.

The Printer portion of the Bravo, Bravo II, BravoPro or Signature/Composer combination is not printing. It burns the disc and then stops when the disc is placed in the printer tray.

The Printer portion of the Bravo, Bravo II, BravoPro or Signature/Composer combination is not printing. It burns the disc and then stops when the disc is placed in the printer tray. (This article applies to PC users only.)

There are several things to check:

1. Paused Printer. Make sure the printer is not paused. Go to Control Panel - Printers. Below the CD printer driver it should say paused or ready. If it does not show this information, right click on the printer driver, one of the items on the list will be Pause or Resume printing. If it says Resume printing, your printer is paused, click Resume Printing.

2. Local Admin Rights. You must have local administrative rights to the PC running the duplicator. You may be able to print only from SureThing with less than Admin Rights but you will not be able to print and burn from Primo DVD. See this article for more information.

3. Print File. The SureThing file that you have associated with your job could be formatted incorrectly in some way. Check for the following problems:

  • File Extension/Format. Make sure you are associating the proper file format. Primo accepts two file types: std files, and prn files. Std files are created with SureThing. Prn files can be created with any Windows application. Read more about PRN files in this article.
  • File location. Make sure the file path specified in Primo actually contains the image file you would like to print on the disc. This can become a problem if you associate the file in Primo by using the drop down menu instead of the browse button or the SureThing button. The drop down arrow stores the location of previously used print files. If those files were moved since they were last used the drop down list would refer to an incorrect file location.
  • SureThing Version. You could have a problem with the version of SureThing that you used to create the print file. Make sure the file can be opened opened by the version of SureThing installed on the computer to which the duplicator is connected. For example, if the version of the file was created on another computer that has an upgraded copy of SureThing and then saved on the network or copied to the computer connected to duplicator there may be a problem if the version on the computer connected to duplicator is not also upgraded.
  • SureThing button. In PrimoDVD click the SureThing button. It should launch the program and open the selected SureThing file. If it doesn't open, follow the procedure in this article to fix the problem. This procedure will also fix the printing problem.
  • SureThing template. If you are using a newer/upgraded version of SureThing make sure the label file that is associated with your Primo job is using the correct template. The upgraded version comes with many different templates. When you first created your label you were given a choice of label stock. At that point you must choose "CD Printers" as the Product Type and "Primera 120mm CD"as the Label Product.
  • Merge file. Certain SureThing merge file setups may cause this problem. Try a label without a merge field.
  • SureThing label setup. You may have a problem with how you set up your label. In SureThing above the label you will see a tab named CD Face (1 of 1). If you see anything other than (1 of 1) you will have problems printing multiple labels on one CD. Click the Del... button to delete extra CD face layers, recreate the label or try another label.

4. Driver Installation. Make sure the print driver is installed. Go to Control Panel - Printers. You should see a printer named Disc Publisher (II or Pro), CD Color Printer, or CD/DVD Printer 6. If you do not see the driver installed, install it. If it is installed try updating or reinstalling the driver. You could have a communication problem with the printer. The latest drivers and instructions for installing them can be found at the following site:

5. Driver Name. The printer driver name installs with a specific name that should not be changed. When Primo looks for the printer driver to associate with the job it looks for the default name that was originally installed. It will find some variations, but if you change the name too much it will not find the printer. For example, if you changed the "Disc Publisher II" driver name to "Print Office Bravo" Primo would not find the driver.

6. Default Printer. In some rare cases, the Bravo will not print unless it is set as the default printer in Windows. Go to Start - Printers and Faxes - Right click on the Disc Publisher - Choose Set as Default Printer.

7. Ink Cartridge. Check to make sure that there are no flashing lights on Bravo's control panel. If there is a flashing power light, see this article.

8. Test Prints. Try these test prints to help diagnose the problem.

  • Print from Driver. Print the Clean job from the driver - Can you see Ink cartridge percentages? Go to Control Panel - Printers. Right click on the printer driver, choose Printing Preferences. Double click on Ink Levels and Cartridge Maintenance or Clean Change Cartridges and Check Ink. You should now see Color and Black ink remaining percentages. If you see this your printer is communicating with your computer. Click clean. The printer will print a clean job on a disc. If it does not print from your driver and it successfully printed a self test, you have a USB communications issue.
  • Print from Design Software. Print your label from SureThing or another design software. Go to file - print and choose the disc printer. It should print your label. If it does not print your label, and it successfully printed a self test and printed from the driver you may have a label file problem. Try another label file, recreate the file or try printing a SureThing standard background image. If any of those are successful, there is a problem with your label file.
  • Burning software issue (Primo DVD). If your printer prints from Self Test, the print driver or the design software, the printer is working fine. You probably have a problem with your burning software associating the correct file type or a problem with the burning software itself.
    • (A) Make sure you are associating a SureThing *.std file or a *.prn file and checking the print box.
    • (B) Try creating a PRN file and associating that file. If you are already printing a PRN file, that file may have been corrupted. Recreate the file.
    • (C) Uninstall and Reinstall Primo DVD. Update it to the latest version. Contact Tech support to receive the latest version.
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