Recommended Spacing for Print and Cut File on LX610

Recommended Spacing for Print and Cut File on LX610

Space Between Pages. The smallest space between pages on the LX610 when performing digital die cuts is 0.4". This distance will automatically be added by the printer between pages and will happen regardless if there is only one image on the page or if there are multiple images set up in rows and columns on a page. This extra gap is required so the cutting process will not clog the print head nozzles. The gap between labels is to ensure that no already cut sections are beneath the printhead nozzle.  This was a critical change made early in development that prevents nozzle clogging.  We found that it clogged pretty regularly without this feature.  

Space Between Labels on a Page. When setting up multiple images on a page, the recommended weeding space between the labels is 0.125". Note - this is the recommended space between the cuts, not the images. Weeding is the process of removing the excess outer waste around the labels.  This extra space will allow this material to be easily removed without tearing.  Removal of this excess material is necessary if you will be applying these labels using an automated applicator. 

Printed Image Over bleed. We also recommend having a 0.04" over bleed beyond the cut, so if this recommendation is followed the spacing of the printed images would only need to be 0.045".

Space between page and Image.  The image should be 0.04" from the border of the page.  With over bleed the cut should  be .08 inches from the edge of the page

Spacing on LX610 prints in PTCreate

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