PTBurn/SDK is rejecting discs - I receive internal recording engine errors.

PTBurn/SDK is rejecting discs - I receive internal recording engine errors.

The reasons for rejected discs are listed below:

1. Defective - Low Quality Media. Try New Media. Recommended media can be found at our web store

2. Check for Clear Disc. See this article.

3. Software conflict. Software such as Roxio EZ cd creator can conflict with PTBurn. Roxio tries to install its own drivers to run the CD or DVD rom drive. Remove other burning software.

4. Job type issues. Try another job type. Data, Audio, Image Job.

5. Burn Speed. Try using a lower burn speed. This is especially helpful for audio discs. We don't recommend burning audio at higher than 16x.

6. Verify. If you are choosing to Record and Verify, try just Recording. The unit will still reject bad discs. Verify is an extremely high quality standard. It compares the copy with the master bit for bit. If it finds a discrepancy it rejects the disc. The disc is most likely still playable and the errors are not visually or audibly detectable.

7. Update software. Make sure your PTBurn version is the latest. Contact tech support for the username and password to download the latest versions. Have your serial number ready. For even faster access click on the Live Help button at the top of this screen to chat with a representative and get the Username and Password.

8. Try burning other content. The master disc or content you are trying to burn could be corrupted. Try new content or recreate the content.

9. System Resources. Very Important! This probably causes 50% of burning issues. Make sure the Server PC is up to spec. and that you are not running other programs or using other peripherals while the unit is running. It is very sensitive to system resources and uses them heavily, especially when burning and printing at the same time. Your PC should at least be a 700 MHz Pentium III processor, 512Mb RAM. Try running PTBurn on another computer.

10. Hardware Issue. Replace the firewire cable or USB cable (Bravo II), try a new firewire card or USB 2.0 card (Bravo II), try a new port on the card, try a new computer. (This step is especially necessary if the duplicator is rejecting every blank CD or DVD)

11. Log File/Log Level. If none of the above solve the issue, please use the Tech Support Report Utility found at this site. The instructions and the utility are included in the zip file. This utility will send us important information about your computer that will help us solve the problem. Run this report on the server computer.

Before you run this report set your log level to the highest detail.  Open the PTSetup.ini file located in C:\Program Files\Common Files\PTBurn. Modify the Log Level key. LogLevel=5  Default is 3. This will provide more information in both of the PTBurn log files located in c:\PTBurnJobsNW\Log and C:\PTBurnJobsNW\Status.

12. Primo DVD. Try running the same job using the Primo DVD software which came with your Bravo.

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