Printer Failed or "Paper Servo" Error (LX1000/LX2000).

Printer Failed or "Paper Servo" Error (LX1000/LX2000).

This error indicates that the left margin offset setting has been adjusted outside of the printer's printable range. 

To fix this issue, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Status Monitor (PTStatus). 
  2. Click on the Settings Tab (Third Tab on the left). 
  3. Check the Left Margin Offset setting.  If it is set to a high negative or positive number it will cause this error.
  4. Change it to zero. 
  5. Click Set.

If you need to adjust your left margin more than a couple mm, there are probably other issues to consider first.  For example:

  • The label stock may not be loaded correctly.  The edge of the liner should be touching the left throat guide in the feed area.
  • The label may not be setup correctly in your design software.  The wrong page size may be selected or you may have the margin set incorrectly on your label document.  Page size should match the installed label size.  Margins should be set to zero.
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