Primera's new Smart Part format for Custom Label Stock Explained

Primera's new Smart Part format for Custom Label Stock Explained

You can now see important information about your label stock embedded within the part number printed on a label inside the core.  Read below for instructions on how to decipher this smart part number.


The format is: PRI (for Primera) – DIMS – shape – material abbreviation – perf (“N” for non or “-P” for perfed) -labels across (only if multiple)

-RCR is the assumed shape and doesn’t need to be specified.  Only circles (CIR), ovals(OVA), square (SQR), custom (CUS), etc. will be specified.
-Add a “2” in front of the PRI for labels on a 2” core. Otherwise 3" is assumed.
-For non-perforated labels, add just an “N”.  Perforated labels are noted as “-P”
-If there are multiple labels across, that is the very last entry and includes a hyphen like perforated labels (-2AC)

Some Examples:

  1. PRI3X2SGN  = 3 x 2 rectangle with Semi-Gloss material, for LX900/910/2000, not perforated.
  2. 2PRI2.25CIRHG-P = 2.25” Circle, in High Gloss Paper, for the LX500, with perforations.
  3. 1.75x2.25SQRWVN-3AC = 1.75 x 2.25 Square, Matte BOPP, for the LX910, no perfs, 3 across
  4. More exceptions / special labels:
  5. PRI7.5CIRGP-P-BM - Add a -BM if a black timing mark is required.  This is an example of a 7.5 Gloss Polyester Circle with perforations
  6. PRI-LIPBALM-HGN - Lip Balm Labels are always RCR and require their own special part “LIPBALM”. 
  7. 3.5x2.95CUSGPN-Customer Name - A unique part number needs to be assigned to every custom shaped label.  It should include the label specs and customer name.
Material List:

HG - Premium gloss paper
WMJC  - Matte Paper Jet Color
WV - Extreme white matte BOPP
GP - Extreme white gloss polyester
CP - Extreme clear gloss polyester
HPI - Extreme white matte polyjet
HPIG - Extreme White Gloss BOPP
SG - Semi Gloss
SL - Extreme high gloss silver polyester
GL - Extreme high gloss gold polyester
ST - High gloss paper- super sticky
HR - High gloss paper- removable
WL - Vintage Matte Paper
NK - Kraft paper
APT - Gloss Paper- Tag
VY - Extreme white matte vinyl

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