Not feeding media (IP60)

Not feeding media (IP60)

Not feeding media or after feeding it backs up the media

1. Check for updates.
      a. Open Printhub and click on the Settings button in the lower left hand corner.
      b. Click the Update tab
      c. Click Update and select the box "Check for Beta updates". Click the OK button on the window that pops up and then click the Check for Updates button.
      d. Install any available updates.

2. Delete any jobs that are in the print queue. 
      a. Open up the control panel then devices and printers.
      b. Right click on the IP60 Photo and select "See what's printing" and delete or cancel anything in there.
      c. Power off the printer using the switch on the back of the printer, wait 10 seconds, and power the printer back on. This will allow all of the jobs to completely delete out of the printer.

3. If you are in a very well lit environment, the excess light can cause issues with the media sensor.
      a. load the media like normal.
      b. Close the lid as soon as possible after the printer begins to feed the media. 
      c. Print.

4. If the media is getting stuck on the cutter during the feeding process, make sure that you empty the cut strip bin regularly before it is overflowing.  If this is not done, the excess cut strips can begin to pile up and get in the way of the media path.