No Response. Make sure the Disc Publisher is powered on and the USB cable is connected.

No Response. Make sure the Disc Publisher is powered on and the USB cable is connected.

 No Response.  Make sure the Disc Publisher is powered on and the USB cable is connected.

There are several things to check.

1. Local Admin Rights. You must be have local administrative rights to the PC running the Bravo.  You may be able to print only from SureThing with less than Admin Rights but you will not be able to print and burn from Primo DVD.  See this article for more information.

2. Driver. Make sure the print driver is installed.  Go to Control Panel - Printers.  You should see a printer named Disc Publisher or CD Color Printer.  If so, try updating or reinstalling the driver.  The latest drivers can be found at the following site:
3. USB. If PrimoDVD boots with the error shown below, then there is a problem with one of the items below: (If PrimoDVD is booting with out any errors, then we know that the USB connection has been detected and is working properly.  Move on to Step 5.)

(A) Try another USB port.  Ports in the front of the computer don't usually work as well as ports connected directly to the computer's mother board or ports on a PCI card.

(B) Try another USB cable.

(C) Check the Universal Serial Bus controller in Device Manager.  Make sure it is installed.  Go to Control Panel - System - Hardware Tab - Device Manager.  Try another USB device (printer, scanner, camera, etc.).

(D) The USB connection or the printer is set to the wrong port in the driver.  To set it to the correct port use the procedure below:

    1. Open your Printers folder in Control Panel.
2. Click View then select Details.
3. Locate the Disc Publisher printer icon, the icon should look grayed out and report Offline under the status section.
4. Right click the icon and select Properties.
5. Select the Ports Tab.
6. You will now see a section showing all of your ports.  The printer will be set to one of your USB ports such as USB001.  Most likely you will see more than one port.  Just check a different port and select OK.  If you have more than two USB ports showing up, make note of which one it was originally connected to.
7. Unplug the USB cable from the back of Bravo wait about 5 seconds.  Then plug the cable back into the port on the rear panel of Bravo.  If the driver detects Bravo the icon should change to normal status and the Status section should change to "Ready."  If this does not happen then repeat steps 6 & 7 until the status changes to Ready.
    NOTE: Only unplug the cable from the back of the printer leave it plugged into the same USB port on your PC.  Also if your Hardware Detection Wizard appears informing you that new hardware has been detected simply cancel the operation.  DO NOT allow the Wizard to install the unit again!  This will cause another USB port to be installed, making the situation even more confusing.
4. Incorrect version of Primo. If you see a different error message when you open Primo, you have probably used this PC previously with a different Primera duplicator, such as Composer, ComposerPlus/Pro or ComposerMAX.  You will need to uninstall Primo and manually remove the program folder and then reinstall the latest version.  Contact Tech support for the latest version of Primo or the "Px Robo Updater".
5. Ink Cartridge. Check to make sure that there are no flashing lights on Bravo's control panel.  If there is a flashing power light, see the flashing power light FAQ.
6. Test Prints. Try these test prints to help diagnose the problem.
  a. Print from Driver.  Print Clean job from the driver - Can you see Ink cartridge percentages?  Go to Control Panel - Printers.  Right click on the printer driver, choose Printing Preferences.  Double click on Ink Levels and Cartridge Maintenance.  You should now see Color and Black ink remaining percentages.  If you see this your printer is communicating with your computer.  Click clean.  The printer will print a clean job on a disc.  If it does not print from your driver and it successfully printed a self test, you have a USB communications issue or a Driver issue see number 2 or 3.
  b. Print from Design Software.  Print your label from SureThing or another design software.  Go to file - print and choose the disc printer.  It should print your label.  If it does not print your label, and it successfully printed a self test and printed from the driver you may have a label file problem. Try another label file, recreate the file or try printing a SureThing standard background image.  If any of those are successful, there is a problem with your label file.
  c. Burning software issue (Primo DVD).  If your printer prints from Self Test, the print driver or the design software, the printer is working fine.  You probably have a problem with your burning software associating the correct file type or a problem with the burning software itself.  (A) Make sure you are associating a SureThing *.std file or a *.prn file and checking the print box.  (B) Try creating a PRN file and associating that file.  If you are already printing a PRN file, that file may have been corrupted.  Recreate the file.  (C) Uninstall and Reinstall Primo DVD.  Update it to the latest version.  Contact Tech Support to receive the latest version.
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