My Signature Pro/IV will not print. (Signature Pro/IV Only)

My Signature Pro/IV will not print. (Signature Pro/IV Only)


My Signature Pro/IV will not print. (Signature Pro/IV Only)

1. Verify Printer Functionality. Put a disc in the printer tray. Try printing an internal self-test by unplugging all cables except power from the back of the printer. Now, while holding the printer tray button, power on the printer, and continue to hold the printer tray button until you hear the test start to print (this is one way to rule out a problem with printer itself).

Test Prints. Try these test prints to help diagnose the problem.

Test A. Print from Driver. Print Clean job from the driver - Can you see Ink cartridge percentages? Go to Control Panel - Printers. Right click on the
printer driver, choose Printing Preferences. Double click on Ink Levels and Cartridge Maintenance. You should now see Color and Black ink remaining percentages. If you see this your printer is communicating with your computer. Click clean. The printer will print a clean job on a disc. If it does not print from your driver and it successfully printed a self test, you have a LPT communications issues or a Driver issue see number 2, 3 or 4. If it prints correctly, move on to Test B

Test B. Print from Design Software. Print your label from SureThing or another design software. Go to file - print and choose the disc printer. It
should print your label. If it does not print your label, and it successfully printed a self test and printed from the driver you may have a label file problem. Try another label file, recreate the file or try printing a SureThing standard background image. If any of those are successful, there is a problem with your label file. If it prints correctly, move on to Test C.

Test C. Burning software issue (Primo DVD). If your printer prints from Self Test, the print driver or the design software, the printer is working fine.
You probably have a problem with your burning software associating the correct file type or a problem with the burning software itself. (A) Make sure you are associating a SureThing *.std file or a *.prn file and checking the print box. (B) Try creating a PRN file and associating that file. If you are already printing a PRN file, that file may have been corrupted. Recreate the file. (C) Uninstall and Reinstall Primo DVD. Update it to the latest version. Contact Tech support to receive the latest version.

2. Manual Load. If you are using an autoloader or duplicator such as the Composer (Plus/XL/Pro/MAX) please make sure the driver preference setting for Manual Load is set to YES. Go to Start - Printers and Faxes - Right Click on the CD Color Printer Driver and choose printing preferences.

3. Printer Driver. Reinstall or Upgrade your printer driver to the latest by downloading from our website -

4. Port Mode. Make sure that the parallel port mode on your PC is set to ECP. If that does not work try SPP or ATT if available. Port mode set in your BIOS. To get into your BIOS, during the boot up process, you will need to press a F1, ESC, Delete or some other key combination depending on the Brand of your PC and more specifically the manufacturer of the motherboard.

5. Cable. Make sure you are using a standard 6ft parallel cable, with no other devices chained in between the printer and the parallel port on the PC.

6. Firmware. Update the firmware on your printer by downloading from our website -

7. Printing Application. Try upgrading to the latest version of SureThing software using the following link:

8. Ink Cartridge. Check to make sure that there are no flashing lights on the printer's control panel. If there is a flashing power light, check to make sure the correct cartridges are installed into the printer.

9. Image. What kind of image are you trying to print? Try creating a new label from the stock options in SureThing CD Label Design software. You may also want to try different media.

10. SureThing Version. Upgraded versions of SureThing 4.x or higher have many other template options. You may be able to print directly from SureThing using these templates. However, printing and burning from Primo, requires the correct template type. When creating a new label choose CD Printer for the Product Type and Primera 120mm for the Label Product.

11. New PC. If none of the above solve the problem, you may want to try this printer on another PC.

For all of the above suggestions, if you are using a duplicator/autoloader to load the printer, you should make sure the duplicator/autoloader correctly loads the disc into the printer. If the duplicator never loads the printer with a CD, the problem is not with the printer. It may be helpful to rule out the printer as a problem by disconnecting the duplicator/autoloader from the printer and manually loading the CDs into the printer for the tests above.

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