My LX610 cuts through the liner/backing paper.

My LX610 cuts through the liner/backing paper.

Check the following.

1. Double Cut.  First, check your print/cut file to make sure you don't have a double cut.   Double cuts can be caused by improper setup of the cut line especially when importing a vector file with a cut layer.  Make sure you set your cut layer to "Blackout" so PTCreate doesn't create cutlines for both the inside and outside of your cut line shape.  This is described section 4E.3 (page 64) of the users manual. If the blackout option does not work, the imported file may actually have two cut lines.  Try selecting the cutline, go to the Object Menu - Break Apart.  Look for extra cut lines and delete them.

Good Cut Preview
Double Cut Preview

2. Cut Pressure. Check your cut pressure. Knife Pressure and Stretch Factor settings can be found in Primera Print Hub on the Printer Settings Tab for the LX610. Click the Advanced Settings button to view these settings.  Decrease cut pressure to prevent cut through.

3. Broken Cutting Blade.  Replace the cutting knife.  it could be broken or dull.  You can see a broken knife blade under 10x magnification but it may be easier to first just try a new cutting blade.   Replacement Cutter Knife 5 pack Part Number: 074332.

4. Grooves in Wear Strip. The wear strip may be damaged or worn.  If there are grooves in the wear strip it may cause the knife to cut through.  Replacement Wear Strip Part Number 074549 (10 pack).

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