My Inscripta will not Print or I receive a flickering status light.

My Inscripta will not Print or I receive a flickering status light.

My Inscripta will not Print or I receive a flickering status light.

Here are some suggestions to get the Inscripta thermal printer to print.

1. Port Mode. Make sure that the PC's parallel port mode is set to ECP or AT if it is a Dell. This is done through the PC's BIOS. If you do not know how to access the PC's BIOS you will have to contact the manufacturer of the PC or reference the PC's owner's manual.

2. Cable. Make sure that your printer cable is no longer than 6' and is IEEE 1284 compliant.

3. Switchbox. The Inscripta thermal printer will not function properly across a network or using an A/B switchbox.

4. Ribbon Type. Make sure that within the printer driver, the driver is set for the proper ribbon type. i.e. Monochrome for the black ribbon, Two color for the two color ribbons.

5. Ribbon Installation. Make sure the ribbon is installed correctly. It is possible to install the ribbon upside down. The shinier side of the ribbon should not be visible (should be facing the print head assembly). Make sure the black and white barcode is on the left as shown below.


6. Defective Ribbon.
The ribbon may be defective. Try a new ribbon.

7. USB to Parallel. Try using a USB to parallel cable. This would bypass a defective or corrupted LPT port on the PC.

8. Reseat the print head assembly. The print head assembly may not be pushed completely into the base preventing a secure connection. Take out the print head assembly and press it firmly back into the printer base.

9. Clean the copper pin connectors. The copper connector on the back of the print head assembly and the corresponding connector on the printer base may have become corroded preventing a secure connection. These can be cleaned using a tooth brush and rubbing alcohol. (See image below for location of connector.) It would be best to clean the connectors on both the print head assembly and the connector inside the base. The connector in the base can be accessed by removing the metal cover which is secured by four screws on the bottom of the printer.

10. Alternate PC. If the above suggestions do not help, try testing the printer on a different PC using the above instructions.

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