My image is not printing centered on my discs (Bravo Disc Publisher Series - PTPublisher)

My image is not printing centered on my discs (Bravo Disc Publisher Series - PTPublisher)

This may be due to:

1. Ink on the Print Tray. Clean any excess ink that has accumulated on the printer tray with rubbing alcohol and a paper towel. Ink can cause the disc to stick on the tray and NOT slide into the correct position for printing. This will simulate the appearance of an off center print when in fact the disc itself is not centered.

2. SureThing Template (PC Only). You could be using the wrong template if you are using the deluxe version of SureThing, or you are using labels originally created in the deluxe version of SureThing, or a version of SureThing intended for another brand duplicator. Check the template version by clicking on the template name above the label design. Set your template to CD/DVD Printers - Disc Publisher - Primera 120mm Disc - Full Face or Standard Face. 

Note: If you are using the Primera edition of SureThing and have created the label in that version, you are already using the correct template.

3. Not Square Image.  If you are printing an image format other than SureThing, such as JPG, TIF or BMP, make sure the image itself is square. When you open the image you should see no white space around the image. The properties of the file should report that the image is square (Height = Width).


If the image is still not printing centered, try:

4. Centering Calibration Print. If it is still not printing centered, run the centering calibration print. In PTPublisher, go to the Tools Menu - Center Print Image - Start Auto Calibration. The printer will pick up a disc and print a series of lines on the disc. You will then be prompted to turn the disc 180 degrees. More lines will be printed. You will then be asked to look at the lines that printed and enter the number corresponding to the lines that match up. In the example below, "2" would be entered for Vertical Calibration and "0" would be entered for Horizontal Calibration.


5. Restore Factory Defaults.  Sometimes the centering values can be so far off that the centering test print does not work correctly. In these instances you can reset centering calibration values back to factory defaults. Through PTPublisher, go to the Tools Menu - Choose Calibrate the Disc Publisher - Click Restore Factory Defaults. Or through the driver, go to Start - Control Panel - Printers and Faxes - Right Click on the Printer - Choose Printing Preferences. Now select Clean/Change Cartridges and Check Ink Levels. Click Details - Click Reset to Factory Defaults. Now close the preferences screen and reset the Printer by pressing the power button off and then on.

6. Manual Calibration. If the image is still not centered you may have to manually calibrate the image by sight. Use the following instructions:

a. From SureThing, print a solid background full color disc to establish a baseline image. To create a useful image make sure the background covers the entire disc. (If you want to conserve discs use a light color background and then print over and over on the same disc using progressively darker images.)

b. After the disc has printed, leave the disc in the tray or bin to preserve the orientation. BEFORE removing the disc to examine it, write the correct orientation to the printer on the disc. For example write "Printer-Top" on the side of the disc closest to the printer. (Typically this will be the bottom of the disc in relation to the image printed on it.)

c. In PTPublisher go to the Tools Menu - Center Print Image. Click the Manually Set Values button. Adjust the Vertical and Horizontal values according to how your image is off center on the disc in relation to the printer. Click OK. 

d. Or for older printers, open the Printing Preferences and click Center the Print Image (Centering Test Print) under Calibration Options. The following message will appear: Click No

Note: Signature Pro, IV, II etc. will require you to send a calibration print to get to the calibration screen. The option above is not available.

e. The Image Centering screen will appear.

f. Adjust the Vertical and Horizontal values according to how your images is off center on the disc in relation to the printer. Click OK. See the graphic below for examples:

Important Note: Do not enter horizontal or vertical values greater than +/- 32. The printer will ignore the value if it is higher. If you think you need to enter a value greater than this, you will need to run the centering test twice. The two values will be added together. Each time you see the Image Centering screen the horizontal and vertical values will show zero. This is normal. Each time you enter a number it is added or subtracted to a number already stored in the printer.

g. Print the image used in step 1 again. If the image is still off center, repeat steps 1-5.

h. Eventually when you are within about an 1/8 of inch of centered you can run the centering test print and enter the values displayed to get the printer exactly centered.

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