My Eddie ink is past the best by date or is expired. Can it be replaced?

My Eddie ink is past the best by date or is expired. Can it be replaced?

Can Primera replace expired ink or ink beyond the best-by date?

Unfortunately, Primera cannot replace Edible ink because it is beyond its best-by date or expired (6 months from the open date). However, Primera will replace any ink cartridge that is defective, clogged, or not recognized by the printer, including defective ink that is beyond its best-by date or ink that is expired.

Important Note:
If the ink has not been opened, it is still perfectly good and useable beyond the date printed on the box (best by date).   Eddie or the software will never stop you from printing a cartridge beyond the best-by date.  The expiration date is far more important.  The expiration date is determined by the first time you install that cartridge.  It has nothing to do with the best-by date printed on the package. You just need to use the cartridge within six months of installing it the first time. Even after that date, Eddie will not stop you from using the ink.  It will just give you a warning.  

What is the difference between Best By Date and Expiration Date?

Best By Date: Sealed cartridges are best for one year after the source ink's original manufacture date.  The best-by date is printed on the cartridge box.  FDA regulations require a best-by date on the packaging. The best-by date may be very close to your purchase date.  Expiration dates and best-by dates have very different meanings.  Expiration dates tell consumers the last day a product is safe to consume.  On the other hand, for most food products, the best-by date tells you that the food is no longer in perfect condition from that date. It may just lose its freshness, taste, aroma, or nutrients.  Since Primera Eddie ink is similar to food coloring, it has no nutritional value, taste, or aroma to contribute to the overall food product. So you can be assured that using the ink beyond the best-by date is safe as long as the ink is still sealed in its foil packaging.

(Update:  We have received updated extended shelf life information from our ink manufacturer based on internal validation testing.  You may now safely add 9 months to any printed Best-By date on cartridges. All cartridges shipped as of 04-03-23 will have updated accurate Best by dates printed on the cartridge box label.)  

Expiration Date: Once opened, cartridges last for six months.  PrintHub will start tracking the six months from the first time they are used in the printer. Hover over the ink levels to see the remaining life after opening.  Once you pass the six-month open point, the PrintHub software will warn you every time you print that your cartridge is expired and should be discarded. An expired cartridge warning message will never stop you from printing!

Note: The first time you install a cartridge, your computer's current date is stored on the cartridge itself.  That first-use date stored on the cartridge is then checked against the computer's current date every time you print.  If the computer date is incorrect during the initial cartridge use or any time after, the expiration date could be inaccurate - triggered too early or too late.  An expired cartridge warning message will never prevent you from printing!

What is the difference between an Empty Cartridge and an Expired Cartridge?

These are two different errors. You can print as much as you want with expired cartridges.  That just means that the ink cartridge has been open longer than six months.  See above.  However, "Empty" means the cartridge has no remaining ink in one or more colors and will eventually not allow you to print anymore.  It will stop you from printing at negative 20%.  While it allows you to print, there may be no ink left or only one color remaining, so the colors will not be accurate.

Printing is possible even with both of these errors present.  See the error message below.

Empty Ink and Expired Ink at the same time   Click to Enlarge

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