My Bravo/Bravo II is only printing half or part of a CD or DVD.

My Bravo/Bravo II is only printing half or part of a CD or DVD.

My Bravo/Bravo II is only printing half or part of a CD or DVD.

The solution to your problem depends on what type of error you are getting. Does the Bravo have a flashing cartridge light on the top? If it does, then there is a tray stall of some sort. We would probably need to have it in for repair.

If there are no flashing lights, then the Bravo perceives no error and is simply waiting for more data to be sent. This means that there is a communications problem. Usually this is caused by one of the following (listed in order of likelihood):

1. Image Corruption / Size.

A problem with the image. The image may be corrupted or too large. This is especially true, if you are printing a PRN file or printing from another application besides SureThing. Try recreating the PRN file or reducing the data size of the image. If you are printing from SureThing or printing a SureThing image through Primo DVD then it may be getting stuck on a particular graphic. Try recreating the SureThing image or printing a new image.

2. Computer Resources.

Make sure your PC is up to spec. and that you are not running other programs or using other peripherals while the unit is running. It is very sensitive to system resources and uses them heavily especially when burning and printing at the same time. Your PC should at least be a 700 MHz Pentium III processor, 512Mb RAM.

3. USB Connection.

You may be losing your USB connection mid way through the print job. This can be caused by a problem with the Bravo USB port/hub, the USB cable or the USB port/hub on your computer. Try a new cable. Make sure the Bravo is not connected to a USB Hub or a pass-through port on another device. It should be directly connected to the back of the computer. Try a new port on your computer.

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