Missing Tank Error (LX3000)

Ink Tank Missing/Unknown Error (LX3000)

Make sure you follow the procedure in the setup video to install the ink tanks properly.  If all tanks are installed, and you receive this error, please try the following in this order.

1. Update to the latest firmware. This will ensure you receive an accurate error message that distinguishes between Tank errors and Printhead errors.

2. Ensure Good ConnectionPress down and in on the top of each tank and move it back and forth slightly.  This can make the barbs on the printer dig into the copper chip on the tank more so there is better contact.  See the video below:

See this video demonstration: https://youtu.be/KC7enlS_9WI

3. Clean Copper Contacts. Remove the missing tank, if indicated, and clean the copper contact on the tank with isopropyl alcohol.  Note on removing a Tank with Ink still remaining:  A small amount of ink may spill from the tank when it is removed.  There is a small rubber flap inside the tank to prevent large spills, but a few drops may escape before this flap is closed.  To avoid spills, lift the tank straight up, slowly holding the gray cap.    This allows the drops to fall back into the reservoir. Avoid holding the tank by the clear plastic, as you may squeeze the tank slightly and force out more ink.  As soon as the bottom of the tank clears the keyed receptacle, slowly angle the tank sideways and then flip the tank over to stop any additional spills.  Transport and store the tanks upside down in this position until you are ready to reinstall them. 

See this video demonstration on ink tank removal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnatRFJLO0E

4. Replace the ink Tanks. If the chip on the tank is damaged or defective, you may need to replace it.  The ink tank part numbers are below:
  1. 53002 Dye Magenta
  2. 53003 Dye Yellow
  3. 53004 Dye Cyan
  4. 53006 Pigment Magenta
  5. 53007 Pigment Yellow
  6. 53008 Pigment Cyan
5. Bend the copper contacts.  Over time and multiple ink tank replacements, the copper contacts can lose their spring, which may cause them to have poor contact with the ink tank.  You can bend out the contacts just slightly to provide better contact. 

To determine if this method will work for you, first try securing the tanks with a rubber band, which puts more pressure on the contacts.  If this works, you know, the tank and the reader are functioning.

Power Off the printer and unplug it before attempting this procedure!

A. Remove the ink tank using the procedure above in #3.  
B. Using a small flat screwdriver, hook the bottom of each contact and pull out carefully. 
C. Repeat the process for all six contact points. If you bend it too much or too often, the copper contact can break

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