LX3000 Shipping Instructions

LX3000 Shipping Instructions

The Primera LX3000 Color Label Printer uses separate ink tanks that carry ink through an ink tube system. To prevent spills/leaks during shipping, special precautions must be taken. These instructions explain how to seal the ink system with the rubber caps that come with the printer. If you do not have the rubber caps please request them from Primera Tech Support or purchase them here - SKU 665077.  If you do not follow these instructions, ink may leak inside your printer, damaging components which may void your warranty.  You must seal the ink system with rubber caps!

Watch this short instructional video: https://youtu.be/ZVrop6jbhxo

Unless directed to do otherwise by tech support, you should keep the following items with you. Do not ship them with the printer. 
  1. Print Head
  2. Ink Tanks 
  3. Power Cords
  4. USB Cords
  5. Label Stock

Alternate Packaging method if rubber ink caps are not available. (Please only use this method with a ground return label if approved by tech support - Do not ship via Air) Using this method, you are sealing the ink system with the ink tanks and the print head.

1.  Install Empty Ink tanks in each of the Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow locations. (You may use filled tanks if empties are not available.)
2. Tape each of the ink tanks in place using masking tape.
3. Install a print head (with gaskets present.)
4. Ink tanks and Print Head must be installed to seal the system during shipping to prevent ink spills.
5. Bag the printer and tape the bag closed. 

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