Is the LX800 / LX810 / LX400 networkable? Can I use a USB to Ethernet Print Server? Can I print from a user (non-admin) account?

Is the LX800 / LX810 / LX400 networkable? Can I use a USB to Ethernet Print Server? Can I print from a user (non-admin) account?

Is the LX800 / LX810 / LX400 networkable?  Can I use a USB to Ethernet Print Server?  Can I print from a user (non-admin) account?


It is possible to share a printer as long as the host computer AND the client computer are Windows XP Professional. It will not work if the client OR the host computer are Windows Vista or Windows 7.


Please note that the LX printer line was not designed or tested to work in a network environment using Windows printer sharing. We have found that it does work in most cases using the procedure below. However, it is possible certain network configurations may prohibit it from working. Tech support would be unable to assist a customer in such situations.

You may follow the steps below to share the printer on Windows XP Professional.

To print from a user (non-admin) account grant the rights explained in step 3.

1. Install the Printer on the local Computer. Installation of the Printer driver must be installed by a user with administrative rights.


2. Share the Printer. Go to Start - Control Panel - Printers and Faxes - Right Click on Color Label Printer - Choose Properties - Click the Sharing Tab. Select "Share this Printer." Choose a Share Name. Check the List in directory box.


3. Give Rights. After installing the Color Label Printer driver, the administrator must open the Printers Folder, right-click on ‘Color Label Printer' click Properties, and click on the Security* tab. Now click on Everyone in Group or user names.Check the allow box for both Manage Printers and for Manage Documents. Click OK. Give full rights to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\PTI and subfolders.


4. Add the Printer on a Network Computer. Go to Start - Control Panel - Printers and Faxes - Click Add a Printer - Choose Network Printer - Choose Find in Directory - Click Find Now - Choose the Printer from the list. Finish the installation wizard. Depending on the name you specified, the Printer will show up in the printer list on the network computer as Color Label Printer on COMPUTER NAME. Computer Name is the name of the computer to which the LX800/810/400 is connected.


*Please note: (1)If you do not see a "Security" tab on the printer properties page, you will need to disable "Simple File Sharing" in Folder Options, View tab. To do so: Open Windows Explorer - Select Tools - Select Folder options - Select View - Go to the bottom of the list, deselect "Use Simple File Sharing (Recommended)" check box. (2) Before some of the computers on the network will see the LX800/810/400, you may have to set spooling to "print directly to the printer" under the Advanced tab in the Properties of the driver.


It is not possible to setup a shared printer on an XP Home computer.   



Print Servers.


32bit XP Vista Systems.

The following print server has been successfully tested with the LX400/LX810.

  • TrendNet Multi Function Print Server - TE100-MP1UN (Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, or 7 32bit systems Only - Older Model)

64bit XP/Vista/7/8 and Mac OS Systems

We have not found any print servers that work in this environment. 


Important Note: Unfortunately, if your print server does not work, Primera Tech Support will be unable to help you get it working. Even though we have tested the Print Servers above, we cannot guarantee that they will work in your network environment.

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