How to use Mac Presets to save different settings profiles on Mac (Eddie, LX Series)

How to use Mac Presets to save different settings profiles on Mac (Eddie, LX Series)

This tutorial is for Mac OS 13 Ventura or later.  While it is possible to save presets in previous OS versions the screens look slightly different.

Tip! We recommend creating presets through Mac Preview to ensure the settings are saved.  Once the preset is set it can be used in any program: Photoshop, Swift Publisher, PTCreate, Preview, Adobe Reader etc. 

Presets allow you to easily switch between various different groups of settings for different sizes cookies or different sizes or types of labels. The following items can be saved inside a preset.
  1. Page Size
  2. Print Quality
  3. Color Matching
  4. Saturation
  5. Bi-directional printing toggle
1. To get started, first click print on any image you like to print from any application.  (Presets apply to ALL programs used)

2. To use a preset, click the presets dropdown on the preview screen that appears before the print is sent but after you click File- Print.

3. You can choose the presets you have already created, the Last Used Settings or the printer Default Settings.

4. To create a preset, we first need to set the settings the way you want them. 

5. Find the Paper Size and set that to match your cookie/label.  You can click Manage Custom Sizes to create your own size if you don't see it on the list. 

6. Now Set the printer settings by clicking Printer Options - Printer Features.  Adjust Quality, Saturation, Color Matching, and Bidi.

7.  Once the page size and printer settings are the way you want them, click on the Presets dropdown menu and choose Save Current Setting as Preset...

8. Name your Preset.  We suggest naming it the size and most important printer setting, such as the Saturation. You can make it available to all printers or only when you select Eddie/LX Printer as the printer.

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