How to print Red with Eddie Edible Ink Printer.

How to print Red with Eddie Edible Ink Printer.

Update 09-21-22.  A new cartridge with new magenta that prints a better red is now available.  SKU 053507.  To order select New Magenta from the menu on this page.

If you have the original 053498 Cartridge you can still use these instructions to get a better red.

Note: The 53498 cartridge is no longer available for purchase.  53507 is the direct replacement for this part.

If your Eddie is printing red that looks more orange, use these tips to get the best possible red. 
  1. White Frosting/Icing.  The color of the printing surface makes a huge difference to the quality and color accuracy of the print.  The "whiter" the white, the better, since the ink is transparent and will mix with the color of your icing/frosting/fondant, etc.  Avoid using Lemon Juice in your frosting since this can interact with the ink and affect all colors especially red.
  2. Color Matching.  Set Color Matching to ICC profile 4.  Also, use Quality 4 and set saturation as high as your cookie will accept.

  3. CMYK - HEX Color Values: Based on user input, we have found that the following color values produce the best apple or heart red color.  Almost all design programs allow you to change the CMYK or HEX values if you have chosen that specific color in the application.  Use these values for red when using the 53498 cartridge:
    1. Cyan: 19%
    2. Magenta: 100%
    3. Yellow: 87%
    4. R = 186
    5. G = 32
    6. B = 49
    7. HEX value = ba2031 or ff244f. (You can use either RGB, CMYK or Hex, depending on what is available to you in your application)
    8. If you are using BarTender, find the template at the bottom of this article.  It includes a shape with the correct color.   -OR- Right click on any object you created in BarTender, click properties - find Fill properties - click the double arrows to expand and choose the Custom Tab to set your color.

    9. Important Note: Not all images allow you to adjust color values.  If you have a JPG image that was originally a photograph, it is not easily possible to adjust the color values of a picture of an apple.  However, if the apple is an illustration or a graphic you created in a program such as Adobe Illustrator, it is easy to change the color values.  Below is a screen capture of the Adobe Illustrator Color picker screen. 
  4. Note on Food Grade Ink.  The ink used is food grade which means the type of ink is limited by what is approved for consumption.  The ink color choice is not the same as what is available for the dyes and pigments used in paper inkjet printers.  In the US, only Red dye #3 & #40 were approved by the FDA and used in the 53498 cartridge.  Using this dye, printing an image designed for a typical inkjet printer will produce an orange/red.  This is why it is necessary to adjust the color values mentioned above.  We are working with our chemical supplier to tweak the formula by reducing the yellow and adding more of the #40.   In Europe, Red dye #3 & #40 are not approved.  Instead, Carmoisine is approved in Europe and used in the 53499 cartridge.  Carmoisine is not approved by the FDA for consumption.

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