How to create labels for my tapered container (LX Series Label Printers)

How to create labels for my tapered container (LX Series Label Printers)

Tapered containers are a challenge because a standard rectangular label does not look right when applied to the container and can be difficult to apply without bubbles.  Full wrap-around labels for tapered containers usually have a curve (arc) on the top and bottom and angles on the sides.  The amount of curve and angle is determined by the size and amount of taper of your container.  


1. Primera offers custom label solutions through Kenco Label and Tag.  They will get the dimensions of the container you intend to use which will allow them to create a custom die.  This is a great option if you intend to print to predie-cut labels on any LX series label printer.

2. If you are using PTCreate Pro and an LX610 to cut your own label shapes you may need to hire a designer experienced with creating labels for tapered containers.   PTCreate Pro does not have any built-in templates or guides for designing these labels.  However, It is possible to generate of file that you can import into PTCreate Pro.   

A. Start with measuring your container's circumference at the top and bottom of the height you intend to make your label. This will be the length of the top and bottom curve of your label.   Often, your container vendor will have exact specifications they can share with you.    Use this generator to create a sample label that you can download and then import into PTCreate Pro. 

B. Drag and drop the PDF generated into PTCreate Pro.  (Rotate it if necessary)

C. It will have extra layers that you need to hide.  Keep only one layer (with rounded corners) visible.