How to create a Primera Custom Label Order?

How to Create A Custom Label Order

2. Select your printer type.


3.  Then click Select Materials.  View the material guide for more information on each material type of look at the pictures below.

Premium Gloss

Matte BOPP

High Gloss Polyester

Clear Gloss Polyester

Brown Kraft Paper

Gold Polyester

Silver Polyester

Vintage Matte Paper

4. Click Select Dimensions.

5. Choose the Number of Rows Across if applicable. Often it makes sense to create multiple rows if you have very small labels less than 1.25" wide.  Please note that when multiple rows are selected the labels cannot be used in most automated applicators and will need to be hand-applied. 

6. Select the shape.
  1. RCR = .125" Rounded Corner which is the standard corner round for label stock.
  2. SQR =  90 degree square corners .
  3. OVA = Oval or Circle.  Note: If your height and width are equal it will be a circle. 
7. Click Select Extras.
  1. Perforation will add slits in the liner so that it will be easy to hand separate the labels.  Do not select this option if you plan to use a reminder or an applicator with your labels.  This option will add cost to each roll
  2. Rush will speed up your order by as much as 2 weeks. 
  3. Black Mark will add a black timing mark on the back so the label printer can more easily detect the gaps between labels.  This is necessary for any clear label stock, odd shapes, circles larger than 5" or labels where the waste label matrix is not removed from the liner (kiss-cut). This option will add cost to each roll.

 8. Confirm Selection to receive a quote.

 9. Confirm all information before ordering.   If anything is incorrect at this point, just click the "Back" button.  Remember, there are no returns on custom label orders since they were made especially for you. 

Printer Model. Confirm your printer model is listed.  This will determine the correct core size and other limitations such as the minimum media width the printer will accept and the orientation of the black mark if chosen.  A 2" core will be used for LX400 and LX500.  All other printer models will use a 3" core.

Spec Sheets.

Once again double-check the material chosen is right for you. Consult the material guide or the individual spec sheets below.  If in doubt, contact sales or support and ask for a label sample so you can test water resistance, durability, adhesive strength etc. before your order a large quantity. 
    1. Extreme White Matte BOPP  
    2. Extreme White or Clear High Gloss Poly
    3. Premium Gloss Paper (As of 1-1-24 a New Premium Gloss Paper material is used for all custom orders and select in-stock rolls as old stock is depleted - See Attachments below)
    4. Vintage Matte Paper
    5. Extreme White Matte Polyjet (See below)
Die Price is listed if a new die is necessary for your chosen size.  If a die already exists for your size you will not be charged for this.  If a new die is necessary, your label order will take longer to complete. What is a Die?  A flexible steel die is used with a magnetic Cylinder attached to a die cutting machine to cut your labels.  The die must be custom ordered and cut for your specific size using a steel cutting CNC machine.
  1. Quantity per roll is calculated and listed on this screen.  Your label height determines this quantity.
  2. Price per roll at the indicated order quantity is listed.  Notice that your price will go down if you order more roll.


10. Enter the amount you would like to order, check the agreement box then click Add to Cart.


Note: When ordering custom labels, to ensure prompt processing please do not add other items to the cart before checking out.  If you need other items please make a separate purchase.

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