How to connect Multiple Bravo Disc Publishers to the same PC (Bravo SE-3 and 4200 series).

How to connect Multiple Bravo Disc Publishers to the same PC (Bravo SE-3 and 4200 series).

In order to use multiple Printers on the same PC you must change the USB serial number identifier of one of the printers so that the computer recognizes the printers as separate devices.

A. Installing the First Printer Driver. Connect only one printer to the USB port. Make sure you have the original installation disc or a downloaded version of the driver for this printer. Install the first printer driver.

B. Using the Utility.  Download or save the Prnfile32.exe program (see link below) and request the appropriate SetSerialNumber prn attached below. Note the default serial number is 001 so use SetSerial_002. Open Prnfile32.exe and select print file. Then browse to where you saved the PRN file and open it. Select your printer SE-3/4200 series and then press ok to send the file to the printer.



The printers USB identifier is now “2” or whatever set serial number prn you have selected.

C. Installing the Second Driver.  You will now install the printer driver again with this same printer. Unplug the printer and plug it back in to a different port on your computer. Your computer will now recognize this as a different printer and allow you to install the printer driver again the same way you did in step 1. Once installed you will have two drivers installed with one of them being labeled “copy 1”. You can change the name of “copy 1” but the rest of the original printer name must remain the same.

D. Attach the second Printer.   Plug the second USB cable in to the back of your computer. This printer is still USB identifier 1, so It will use the already installed driver. You are now ready to burn and print or just print to each printer.

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